Monday, July 14, 2008

Chattanooga Bridal Show

Yea! The Chattanooga Bridal Show weekend was once again fun and fabulous.

The rehearsal was on Saturday and right after it was finished, Mom, my sister Lori, and my friend Heidi and her sister Meg hit up downtown Chatty. After we fed our famished model bodies (ca-cha!), we all decided to do a mini tour of Chattanooga. If you have never been there - I would definitely recommend visiting. We went on the walking bridge, visited Coolidge Park and I believe Meg & Lori danced the Mambo with help from sidewalk instructions.

Here are our hosts - Thanks again Dad and Vicki! They recently renovated their home and let me just say the bathroom is fabulous.

And the group shot - from Left to Right:
Top row: Katie Walling, Katie Hartman, April Barrett, Gwen McCaslin, Meg Rew, my sis Lori, my mom Debbie
Bottom row: Chelsea, Heidi Rew, me, Olivia Davis, Amanda Davis

The one picture I wish I would have gotten is Jeremy in his 'pimp' suit. Overall it was a great group of girls and guys - I hope that everyone had as much fun as I did. You looked BEAUTIFUL!

If you are interested - You can see more pictures here.

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