Friday, July 18, 2008

Come into my Office...

In only one evening the boyfriend and I turned a HUGE mess into a little bit smaller and more manageable mess. Now that might not seem difficult to the average organizer but we did it while rearranging a room and that my friends - is very hard for us.

Here is our office before and afters. We were going for a nautical-themed office but I think it is not completely afloat yet.

Open the door - here's what you see. Sorry about the poor picture quality - however, if you could see the details, you would notice the first thing is the mismatched printer table. I hate that thing and if I knew how to paint cheap veneer - I would make it white. Afterwards is our new office sitting area. Eventually I would love to have a bookcase in here that matches the desks. It could store all of our miscellaneous folders, magazines, and photo albums. Also, those pictures on the floor - yea - I still have to hang them. This is only stage 1 people!

Previously a sitting area (or storage area for junk), this corner now houses my desk. I think it was a lofty dream to place the desks side by side. I mean, we can never keep them completely organized. So all the junk just piled up and then we moved it to our storage...err, sitting area.

This layout makes more sense. The desk is alot closer to the closet door too. It is my closet of goodies - gift wrapping boxes and bows, craft stuff, and art supplies. Jeremy doesn't really know what is in there.

Walk inside the room and turn right and there is Jeremy's desk - the place where magic is made!

I want to hang IKEA shelves over the desk that match the ones over my desk. We already have the brackets - a $3 yardsale find. I can't wait to add a corkboard, magnet board and picture frames. I am so inspired by the Pottery Barn office photos that are uber-organized and cute to boot.

Notice the hideous printer table is now lodged in the corner - hidden from the passerbyers.

Such a happy and well equipped new office. My previous corner in this world was filled with the junk of yesteryear. Now it is bright, shiny and dustfree. Yes it was disgustingly dusty. But nevermind that - it is now sooo clean! Hopefully the speed of blogging will now increase due to the organized office area. YEA!

On another note, I think I want to paint my office chair white. It is currently black and way too dark. What do you think? Yes I am talking to both of you :)


The Rauths said...

what's that thing with four drawers that is white...i'd use that as a printer table/cart because you can store paper, labels, envelopes nicely in the drawer

yes, pain the chair white. i'd even recover the chair seat in a stripe fabric

you can paint onto cheap may not last long, but if you've got some white paint sitting around, try it...what about painting it a light blue?

Katie said...

Good ideas! I would love to use the little side table as a printer table - except the printer is like from the 40s and is humongous.

The fabric on the chair is actually a navy and white stripe but you're right - you can't tell. I could always use the old valance material that matches the pillows...hmm...I think that would totally work.

And yes I am definitely painting that ugly printer table this weekend. Should I sand it first? Then primer, right?

Thanks for the input - I have a lot of work to do!