Friday, July 18, 2008

To sell or Not to sell?

Jeremy and I are very different.

At Christmas time, I fold each bag, wrap up all bows, even smooth out the tissue paper to save for the next holiday. Sure it is tedious and kinda ridiculous at times to save everything but these are my thoughts -

1. I am saving money by reusing
2. I am saving trees by recycling
3. I am saving time by not having to re-shop

Jeremy on the other hand is a thower-outer. He loves having yard sales because it means that half the treasures I saved will not be junking up the house anymore. His thoughts are -

1. The house will be less cluttered
2. Tiny yard sale dollars can be turned into one big purchase
3. If we aren't using it now - and we want to use it later, let's just buy it then.

We have been living in the house for less than 10 months and have already hosted two yard sales. But now he wants to craigslist my wakeboard. And it is soo pretty. and new.

His point is that we just sold the boat so we aren't gonna be using wakeboards in the next two years. And now is the right time to sell cause they are still new. well if 2006/2007 is new.

And if we sell mine and his then we could potentially make about $400-$500 dollars. And that people would put me at $400.22-$500.22 for the bedroom furniture.

I don't think we would buy a boat in the next 2 years. HELP! Tell me if I should sell or not and if so - how much should I settle for? I paid $350 for the board & bindings in 06.

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