Monday, July 7, 2008

Almost there in the bedroom...

Ok so if you have come to my abode you know that our master bedroom is nowhere near finished. I finally chose a color to go along with our super neutral bedding...

and I love the infusion of color into our beige world. On Sunday, I bought this matching candle cage to hang in the day.

We already have the bed - dark brown leather platform bed and matching Target storage ottomans. They were sale purchases. Not only are they great storage for Jeremy's sweaters but they are a comfy seat for hair drying, putting on shoes, and painting toes.

But besides that - it ain't near done.

I really want the Canopy bedroom furniture in Mahogany.
2 x $139.00 = $278.00

Subtotal of $854.92 plus 6% tax


I only have about $0.22 saved up right now so only about $906 to go! No problem when you have BOWER POWER! I could have another yard sale. Sell all the junk that used to be in my dressing room. And then I could consider selling some extra organs. I won't ever use that extra kidney like I would use a night table. c'mon. also, I will be taking donations. So to you two people that read this (and you know who you are)...please feel free to give me money at will.

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