Monday, July 21, 2008

SALE ALERT - Target storage ottoman

**********************SALE ALERT************************************

Target has this great storage ottoman on sale RIGHT NOW! For a mere $59 you can add this piece to your home! Go - RUN! Available in black or dark brown.

This is actually what we have in our own home - we put it in the bedroom for sweater storage and additional seating under a window. Make your own window-seat or use it like This Young House did and put it in the dining room and under coat hooks.

Why are you still reading!?! RUN!


The Rauths said...

hey guess what? we have that too! and love love love it! currently, it's a coffee table-esque thing...never got around to my ikea hack this weekend to replace it...oh well! i think it would look great at the foot of a bed too.

thanks for the sales heads-up...oh and your cake looked yummy, i enjoyed a piece in cyberspace! =)

Katie said...

Ohhhh - I didn't think about it being perfect for a coffee table! Maybe if I got two more (for a total of four) I could use them in the den.

Gosh if you were from the ATL I would totally shop with you!