Monday, July 21, 2008

Deals & Steals at BB&B

So the prices were so good at Bed, Bath & Beyond...I had to go back. And yes once again - it was awesome!

Three linen tableclothes & 16 napkins - $14

I really REALLY want to have a summer seaside inspired dinner party. If only I could have a beautiful backyard like this. I would love to string party lights up in the trees, have a dance floor for a waltz or two, and tables with draped fabrics & cool blue colors.

a $7 pillow for my master bedroom. I love the details.

Roman shade for $7 - I think I can use this in our den. I'll let you know.

Furry pillow - also $7 - I think this one is just so fun. And I love the textural element it adds to the couch.

Pier 1 had these lovely fakers. So I did this -

Better than before I think.

So overall - everything at BB&B was FREE cause we had credit from some broken registry items. It was really nice to buy expensive stuff at no cost. It made me feel warm inside :)

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