Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer Simplicity - 2008 Designer Showhouse

I am proud to be from Georgia - but seeing the Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles 2008 Designer showhouse makes me proud to be southern.

The fantastic architect and interior designers, Beth Webb and Nancy Pendergrast did a doozy on this Lake Keowee property. Boasting more than 7000 square feet of livable space, this vacation home is HUGE! More than 3000 square feet are dedicated to covered porches and terraces and I know even Martha Stewart would appreciate that! Talk about entertaining room! And I think the article nailed it on the head when he called the home article "Summer Simplicity".

Here are a few favorites from the slideshow.

How can you incorporate this style into your own home? Well, I did some observations and here is what I came up with.


  • Incorporate harmonious palettes. The whole house is gray, white, taupe, and sand with a splash of dark browns and blacks. You can do this to tone down your own home and evoke an attitude of chill.

  • Hang some curtains on a bedroom wall. This simple task of draping fabric the length and width of your wall will make your boudoir into a cocoon. After your nap, you will emerge a beautiful butterfly :) And not only adding to the rest factor, it helps keep out sound and light - and that is key for hibernation.

  • Declutter. This simple (and heartbreaking) chore is extremely difficult...but trust me, clasp onto some Bower Power and sock the extra fifteen knick-knacks away. Your house and stress-level will thank you.

  • Buy something that is "neutral rustic". Be it an antique dresser that has the white paint chipping off, an old watering can or a natural fiber rug that looks worn, this item will add southern charm to your space.

  • Enjoy nature. With the show house every room has spectacular views. Yea, my house doesn't exactly have that kinda scenery either. But we can fake it by opening those shades, dragging a super comfy chair out to the deck, and plan for a spectacular outdoor room. If you are lucky to have a "sunrom" or covered porch - go ahead, keep the plush stuff there and you will find yourself enjoying your 100 square feet of outdoor space 100% more.

  • Go international. Look for clean lines, soft contemporary pieces, soft palette, and spa-like accessories. The summer simplicity style calls for a Belgian incorporation. This is being called the new "French Country". I like french fries and I like belgian waffles, so it's cool with me.


  • Hide your stuff. The great thing about the showhouse is that each room flows into the next...I didn't even realize that the last of my favorite pics featured the kitchen in the background. Why did I not see it? Because all the kitchen "stuff" was hidden with smart design. The cabinets go clear to the ceiling, cabinets are hiding the exhaust hood, the appliances have integrated fronts to blend in and the plentiful storage can let you stash all your gadgets that clutter the countertop. GENIUS!

I am off to paint something gray! Have fun creating your own "summer simplicity" room!

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