Friday, August 22, 2008

Baby Announcement!

Congratulations to our good friends - Eric & Keisa Taylor

On Tuesday night around dinner time, Keisa started having the long awaited labor pains.

By 4 am, beautiful little Madilyn Kate was born.

Although Keisa was full term, Madi Kate was actually delivered a week earlier than expected. She is 19" long and weighs in at 7 lbs, 11 oz - me thinks she would have been a tough cookie to deliver if she had another week to grow!

The birth of Madi Kate actually made Tristan (7) a BIG BROTHER!! Tristan is actually Jeremy's favorite in Sunday School. He is very sweet and I am sure he will do a fine job in helping take care of his new little sister. Not that Keisa will need it - she is a nurse & the real Susie Homemaker. She does need to heal though - so you can pray for that!

We are very excited for the Taylors and actually got to visit with them on Madi's birthday with our friends - the Suters. Madi was so tiny! Jeremy got to hold her for a bit - first time holding a newbie! And that was only for a bit cause Brook & I couldn't hold her enough!!! The little bambino was so adorable I actually thought I could probably stick her in my jacket and make a run for it but alas - I didn't have keys :)

Babies are truly a miracle. Congratulations you guys! We love you!


The Rauths said...

she is a beautiful baby!

G+D said...

Awww...congrats to your friends! She's adorable!

Freckles Chick said...

What a beautiful couple and adorable baby. Love that sweet name, too!

Freckles Chick said...

BTW, I was all set to bestow a Premio award on to you but G&D, in all of her adorable speediness, beat me to it!!

Austin said...

Adorable! Katie...look what we're missing by not being pregnant!