Friday, August 22, 2008

Sales & Specials 08.22.08

El Cheapo here - back and rearing to go! I'm here to make sure you have some more fantastic finds that are easy on the pocketbook. Do people even call them pocketbooks anymore? or is that a serious faux pas? I bet it's like calling the car an 'automobile'..."Honey - Let's go to the automobile wash & get a good swab!" Well that just sounded British...go ahead try it with an English accent - it's jolly fun :)

Back to the point - which is that here at Bower Power we are celebrating #2 of this weeks reasonably priced internet finds - it's
And without further ado - here is the leading light in our very British Sales & Specials - the moodboard of bargains that takes the biscuit:

Microfiber Storage Ottoman in Tan - Target $24.99
10" Bamboo Dinner Plate - Hamptons Greens Bamboo 8 for $8.80
Piped Coverlet in Green Apple in Queen - Pottery Barn $89.99
Jungle Appetizer Plate - CB2 $.95
Hayworth Decanter - Restoration Hardware $23.49
Faux leather Club Chair with matching ottoman - Big Lots $129.99 AHHH!
Xing Carved Stool - Pier 1 Imports $49.98
Trio Table Lamp - Walmart $20
8x10 Otis Rug - Crate & Barrel $199

I actually went to Target to check out the ottoman and it is what it appears. The tan color is much more appealing than the brown so keep that in mind if you are headed to Also, at Target they have another storage ottoman on sale - featured in their Weekly deals. I couldn't find it at the store but it looks decent too. And it is under $20!

Moving on...

The bamboo plates are fabulous! I saw in BHG where they used them as chargers - el cheapo chargers - and they are consumer friendly for all you greenies out there!

And when it comes to that decanter - Let's just face the facts - Restoration Hardware is like totally super expensive. So to pay 24 bones for a glass water holder is pretty darn good. Plus you could add this to the guest room when friends come to visit and not only would they think - "Wow! My friend has got FANTASTIC taste but she also must love me cause I am getting totally pampered with such a gorgeous decanter!" Seriously - she will say


The club chair + ottoman + that price = Leg cramps as you knock over the little old ladies at Big Lots.

Have a grand time? Find you a steal or two? I sure hope so. And if you decide to incorporate any of SALES & SPECIALS items into your own abode - send me the pics - or throw me a comment so that I can jump up and down with you in thrifty celebration!


KG said...

LOVE the coverlet. And it would go perfectly in our bedroom. Hmmmmm. Time to shop, perhaps?
Thanks for the tips!

G+D said...

Love the plates/charges--very nice! Great finds Katie. So great, in fact, that I have decided to pass an award on to you. Check out my blog for details! ;)