Monday, August 11, 2008

Fantasy Weekend

Reading the title might incline you to think that we had a weekend of our dreams. Well, you would be off. Only half of the Bower household had the weekend of his dreams - that would be the boyfriend, husband, Jeremy (whatever you want to call him).

Basically all week we spent cleaning. Why? oh there was the draft party at our house this past weekend. Why would a bunch of guys care if the house was cleaner than a peanut butter jar in a dog kennel? I don't know. Ask my man.

Anyway - here is the breakdown of the events:

  • worked
  • grocery shopped
  • dinner via Chickfila
  • made 7 layer dip - YUM!
  • sister came over & we (err...she) made desert
  • laundered 6 loads


  • cleaned then cleaned some more
  • got ready for party
  • visited with Lindsey - YAH! while the guys did their fantasy football draft
  • made another desert - served both to guys
  • cleaned
  • laundered 5 loads
  • watched Nim's Island (so cute!)


  • went to church
  • went to Happy China with Brook & Kent
  • went to Jade & Julia's house-blessing party
  • went home
  • watched Serendipity
  • ate leftovers

So nothing really scintillating. Jeremy said that he felt like superman cause his buddies saw all the home renovations we have done. He did strut a bit later. Hmm superman & home renos...I can pull a fantasy out of that one :) just kidding mom.


G+D said...

Well you are certainly a fantasy wife after that weekend, girl!

SLH said...

Hmmm 6 loads +5 loads = 11 loads of laundry. That's jut silliness, I don't think I have that many washable items in my entire house Katie. Oh yeah, see you this week!!!!

Emily said...

Wow, you are a good wife. And you cooked for the draft? Impressive.