Friday, August 8, 2008

Lickable Wallpaper

From my time in elementary school all the way through highschool, I have been obsessed with hiding candy in my bedroom. I think I got if from one of The Babysitter's Club books. One of the girls was apparently brillant in stashing all sorts of goodies in random places. It is really quite unhealthy.

Also unhealthy but delicious idea - lickable wallpaper - curtesy of Willy Wonka -

lick a pear ("it tastes like a pear"),

lick a raspberry ("it tastes like a raspberry"),

lick a schnozzberry ("it tastes like a schnozzberry...there's no such thing as a

Anyway - I am the kinda girl that has sweet teeth - not one but all of my teeth are sugary, highfructose corn syrup lovers. In middle school, we had to sell candy for junior beta club - I bought all 60 boxes with my birthday and christmas money. In college, I hot-glue-gunned hershey kisses to my walls. Now...I just try to keep it from my boyfriend's ever-chewing-pie-hole :)

So how am I going to tie this in with home decor? Oh - I am so glad that you asked.

Inhabit has these fabulous wall flats that are on sale right now. What is a wall flat? It is a thin wall tile made of molded bamboo paper pulp - with a sticky backside. They are 18" by 18" and the peel and stick back makes it so that you can stick it to your wall for an instant texturally design. Inhabit claims they are goof proof (but I beg to differ - I think there is always someone out there that is stupid enough to screw it up).

So how did I jump from wall tiles to candy - here is how...

I saw this -

and I thought this:

Seriously though. I think that some of their designed wall tiles would be uber-cool framed as wall art. Especially the samples that are on sale - since they are only $4.50 cause of dinged corners and such. Check out the Bud design and the Shangri La design.

Not only can you add a little pizzazz to your modern walls and get cheap art but this kinda wall won't give you cavities :)


G+D said...

The picture of The Babysitter's Club book at the beginning got me all excited (I loved those damn books)! You tease.

But luckily you redeemed yourself with those fabulous wall tiles, so I will continue to remain a loyal reader and admirer. ;)

G+D said...

Excellent tie-ins with all the pictures, btw! I was completely able to follow your randomness--even though I am currently sober (for the next 30 mins, anyway).

please sir said...

I love the correlation between the wallpaper and candy - yum!

Robin said...

it was claudia with all that candy hidden away in fake "books" and such!! i still want some fake books to hide chocolate in :)

no, on second thought, maybe not. i think i would forget about it, but the ants and roaches wouldn't!

i'm new to your blog, and i'm reading a bit here and there through the whole thing! i think you're hilarious and we should be friends!!