Friday, August 29, 2008

Girl's Best Friend

Mrs. Five Camels tagged me...bling tagged me to be exact. And who doesn't love a good game of tag when jewels are involved.

Here goes - my delish Elizabeth Taylor inspired jewelry box of my dreams.

Crystal encrusted hoops
Flower diamond studs
Thick chain silver ring
Amethyst ring (it's my birthstone and it is sooo pretty)
Pink pearl studs
and lastly - the most important piece of frosting that I already own - my lovely engagement ring.
I would be perfectly happy knowing that the ring on my finger is the only bling I will ever own... as Bon Jovi once sang -
"Diamond ring - wear it on your hand - it's gonna tell the world - I'm your only man".


Mrs.FiveCamels said...

BEAUTIFUL!! I love the engagement ring! Gorgeous!!

G+D said...

Fabulous picks, girl! Your e-ring is beautiful!

Mrs.5camels--sorry it's taking me so long to fulfill my end of the tag! Soon!

Jen M said...

Gorgeous bling - and your ring is amazing.

Thanks for stopping by on my blog today.