Sunday, August 31, 2008

Vacay Replay - The Hot Spot

4,3o0,000 is a lot of photos! Sorting through them was quite a task - even with Bower Power in my back pocket! But just as promised, here is the beginning of our vacation summary that took place in a well-loved area of Orlando. Oh and keep coming back cause I got a ton of memories that I want to share!

Oh where to bout the hot little cookie that we (7 adults and 3 kids) called home for 7 days and 5 nights. Located in the gated community of Wyndam Palms, this rental was perfect for our adventure.

The house had on the main floor one bedroom that the boyfriend and I secured (only complaint - no ceiling fan! ugh!) and on the upper floor it had four bedrooms plus a master suite. The community was also equipped with a big shared pool, a game room, a store, workout facility and an office. It suited us just peachy!

When you walked in the front door - this cozy sitting area was to your right.

Behind that was the dining area - and yes we dined there :) It even had a cute "window" to peer into the kitchen...that surface was littered with the many family laptops and phones.

Fully equipped kitchen - it also had sliding glass doors that led to the screened-in pool & hot tub! I must say those doors ended up getting on everyone's nerves cause of the little kiddie safety alarm - the volume could wake up the neighbors! But safety first, right? and with three little ones, you can never be too sure!

Looking out from the kitchen was a "family room" - note that the tile floor was through this area - which was great! Little wet toes were in and out quite frequently so it definitely helped when cleaning up. And that doorknob on the left led to the large laundry room - we only did about ten loads while we were there - who knew our family went through towels like it was our job?!

Here are the only two bedrooms I got photos of - and their adorable occupants! Clara got the girly room but I think she actually spent more time in her parents bed than in her flower abode. Braden and Cole got the race car themed room and had an amazing time jumping from bed to bed to bed to bed and back again. I know...I heard their shrieks of joy!

And finally the pool and hot tub - the little water fall was fun :) The boys LOVED the pool and the best time was watching Cole and Clara who are learning to swim (!!!!)

Cole and Lori & Mom and Dad spent the entire week prior to the vacation on a work related trip. So they met us in Orlando after spending some quality beach time in West Palm Beach area. I don't really know all the details but I know Lori got some FABULOUS pictures with her new SLR camera...check em out!

That top one makes me laugh sooo hard - Cole looks like a baby beach model!

Anyway - there is the wrap up on the hot spot we stayed at - stay tuned for more fun vacay replays!

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Robin said...

wow! we must be related!! my family spent a week at one of the houses in that subdivision back in 2004 for our family trip to the happiest place on earth