Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sales & Specials 08.19.08

Due to a brief stint in California, I was unable to do last Friday's Sales & Specials. But no worries! I am back safe and sound and ready and willing to feature TWO Sales & Specials this week. I know what you are thinking - Katie, are there really that many great deals out there to put together TWO moodboards of fabulous finds?! Why yes my two lovelies, there are! So fasten your seltbelt and put your tray tables in the upright position - Here is #1 :)

And for those of you paying attention - that fab yellow chair that is like a ray of sunshine in our doom of gloom - yea - that one. It's no longer available. BUT this one is! And I think that with a quick coat of spray paint your new wicker will be totally tricked out. And for less than the cost of the Pottery Barn version.
This is the time for your input - stocking up on hand soap for usable and greatsmelling gifts? Want to show how to turn that etsy art into nursery decor? This is your chance - I would love to see how you incorporate any of the cheapo finds (past or present) into your own life!


Emily said...

I have that Target sewing machine (or a similar Singer - not sure) and it's fantastic. Whips up curtains like a dream - I'm considering some pillows in the future. We'll see how brave I get.

The B&BW soaps are my all-time fave...I might go stock up for all the upcoming birthdays in my fam.

Mrs.FiveCamels said...

I loooove Yellow! I used to be a solely green and brown kind of girl, but then my house started becoming cave-like, so I recently livened up the living room with some yellow. It's such a cheerful color!

If you have time and are bored sometime, would you mind messaging me how to do a idea board? I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it! (and you do them so well) ;)