Sunday, August 31, 2008

Vacay Replay - Boslers, Birthdays & Bathing Suits

The boyfriend and I arrived late on a Friday night - yes - we conquered the eight hour drive from Atlanta to Orlando! We even had to drive through the eye of Tropical Storm Fay...which was pretty anti-climactic. Upon arrival, we did a little vacation dance and then went to bed.

Day 1 of Bower Power's Orlando Vacation was pretty low-key.

Swimming was the highlight. Here is a little illustration:

Sorry folks - no pics of me in the pool - I currently am in an argument with my bathing suit. She thinks its okay to push fat rolls out and I disagree.

Surprise! (I love that!) We got a surprise visit from the Boslers. What is a Bosler? Just the most fantastic Orlando transplants that you would ever get to meet! They were dear friends of the family since my infancy. My parents and the Boslers met in New Jersey, like two hundred years ago and we kids knew them as family. If you should ever get the priviledge to meet a Bosler - count your lucky stars cause that kinda quality doesn't happen often.

Here is a fuzzy pic of the visiting friends - sorry poor shot -

Knowing what mad party animals we are - more peeps show up. My Aunt Diane and her sons, Adam (with fiance in tow) and Aaron all the way from Tampa to be exact. We were bummed that my other cousin didn't come too - maybe next time.

Presenting Aunt Diane...

Yes - we had spaghetti - yum!

And we got to finish off the night with a birthday celebration! I love dessert! Overall it was a lot of fun (evidence: staying up till 2:30am with the cousins!)

Stay tuned folks - the best is yet to come (MICKEY MOUSE!!!!)


Michael said...

Hey Katie,

Thanks for stopping by. Your tag line cracked me up...looks like you have the start of a fun blog!

Do post the Blossom hat pics...if anything, just so mother can feel less guilty that my sister and I aren't the only ones that suffered through it :)

Bayjb said...

Great picture! Wow you guys are adventurous to drive from Atlanta to Orlando.

My swimsuit and I are having a fight too, I'm glad I'm not alone! Thanks for the comment, I'm adding you to my Reader!