Friday, August 8, 2008

Sales & Specials 08.08.08

Welcome back Ladies to the Sales & Specials feature that comes to you live and uncensored each Friday from Bower Power!

I am very excited today (yes because it is Friday! Wahoo!) because I found some doozies for you to shop till you drop! The great part is - these items are clearanced, cheap or just reduced to REALLY really really low prices.

CAUTION: you need to make sure you got someone who knows how to apply first aide cause, girl, it is gonna hurt when your jaw hits floor :)

So here are the stars of my discounted, marked down, blue light special internet shopping experience :

So did you get reading this far - really? Cause I would think you were gone shopping!

Here's the deal - I would love to hear what you think about these items...especially the small accessories. So if you have a good idea or link to geniousness - then go for it girl. Don't be afraid to comment- its like a montessori school here at Bower Power - all opinions are good ones!

Clear Acrylic Tray

  • line with scrapbook paper to personalize for your next soiree
  • place on an ottoman with books
  • use as a modern desk accessory to house notecards and pens
  • put on a small nightstand to protect from the ever present cup o' water

Apple Ornament

  • give as teacher's gift
  • yank off string & line up on window sill
  • yank off string & group a bunch for a contemporary twist of a fruit bowl
  • give as favors to a baby shower - let note read "the apple of our eye is due Nov 7"

Open Weave Storage Baskets

  • use as storage in an open bathroom closet
  • stuff with goodies for a new neighbor
  • stack on an upper shelf to hold TP & paper towels
  • mount on wall for contemporary jewelry hanger

In the future, I can include my opinions but only if you promise to share as well.So get a-commenting! Who knows?! There might be Martha Stewart smarts in that brain of yours waiting for the world :)


Emily said...

I love that polka pillow - I picked it up yesterday but am having doubts about navy in my house. I'm going to try to work it into the guest room because it's not working on the couch.

G+D said...

Great finds Katie! Nothing to add--your ideas are fabulous enough!