Friday, August 8, 2008

The Container Store

Just a quick note to remind you about The Container Store. What is The Container Store? It is a retail smorgasbord of boxes, storage containers, and clothing organizational products.

But wait! There is more to this storage store than just plastic boxes and closet neccessities.

What I really dig is their gift wrap, totes, tags and creative packaging. It is adorable! Perfect paper & accessories for those shower favors, birthday presents, and wedding gifts! Not only can you mix and match but they also have specialty tags - like a menswear tie tag for father's day! How cute!

Here is the eye candy :)

Flower Power

Tie the Knot!

Brighten Her Day

Baby Talk

Birthday Bash

Stylish Celebrations

Reasons to Celebrate

His Special Day

1 comment:

Emily said...

I love wrapping gifts, but I hate the cost of wrapping paper - it's a little absurd. My mom has a friend who built a room in her house that she calls "The Wrapping Room". I almost considered leaving our wedding gifts from her (dinnerware) in the boxes for good because the wrapping was so pretty.