Thursday, September 25, 2008

Baby Shower - Julia Style

Brook is having like six baby showers I think. and one of them was planned by my friend Julia. It was this past Sunday. yea - it rocked.

I was super pumped to be dubbed the photog of the event. My sister even let me borrow her brand new camera. For the record, I stink at it. I need a lot of practice...hear that Jer? lots. and lots.

Overall - It was cool. Lowkey and chillin all max and relaxing all cool....(and shootin some bball outsida school...ok I'll stop.) And I am sure Brook thought I was getting annoying cause I didn't put the camera down. But hey, don't hate on the paparazzi Brook or the paparazzi will hate on you :)

In celebration of all things baby, I thought I would break down the event for you photojournalism style. and Julia style. she was the host afterall. And what is Julia? A teacher. So here are some photos & tips to learn to do a faaaaaabulous baby shower.
TIP #1 - Invite hotties. Sure the invite list is technically the job of the mommy-to-be but a little bling don't hurt nobody. Embellish the list with a few of your hottest friends...afterall you want to have something to blog about where you all look smokin! Bonus points if they bring pressies.
P.S. this is not a wedding where the honored guest HAS to invite the shower attendee to the main event...I'm pretty sure most hotties would opt out anyway.

TIP #2 - Have yummy food. This is crucial. You don't have to have a ton of food, but all of it has to be delish. And I would recommend just a bit of food not laden with highfructose corn syrup or sugar, just in case of that nasty old thing called gestational diabetes. Cakes are always a hit. Hollah if you like your name written in icing!! OOH OOH!

TIP #3 - Play you some games. Julia had two that were perfect for her low-key crowd. One required the guests to bring in baby pics, post them on a babylicious board and we all had to guess who's who. The other game was one where we wrote down as many BABY products as possible in two minutes. Doubles didn't count...the person with the most won a prize!
Another good idea, especially if you have experienced mothers in the crowd, is to write down some advice for the mommy-to-be. Have her keep each advise card in a photo book to remember all the times people mentioned poo...ewww!

TIP #4 - Give your gal a kick-A gift. And make it available for others to do the same. Most new mommies need EVERYTHING. And in this hightech world, I stick to the registry. After registering for my wedding, I realized that I only wanted the stuff on the list. Be creative at Christmas. Hosts should be sure to list the registry on the invite - believe me, your friend will love you for it.

TIP #5 - Central seating is superb. Let your honored guest sit somewhere that all the gifts can be seen. Girls love to ooo and ahhh over each mini bootie and fancy breast pump. After all - the guests spent a chunk of change on the tike - they wanna see what the baby will wear for oooh three seconds.

TIP #6 - Spend time enjoying the little things. Julia timed it just right - we had time to eat, play games, talk, and open presents. Afterward we even got to feel Brook up. Well, her stomach...and it was awesome! The baby fluttered just like the ribbons did coming off her gifts.

Tip #7 - Have a Dr at the shower. No not a doctor...although, if she is like 40 weeks preggie - then you may want to consider that. A DR is a designated recorder. Someone to write down all the pink or blue snuggle poos and winkle woos that the mommy-to-be receives. After all, when you are preggars, you loose like 50% of your short term memory. So this little slip of paper will be nothing short of a life-saver come thank you note time.
You can see that we had an amazing time - Brook was a glowin - the presents were a flowin - and the photog skills were a growin.
Do you have some helpful hints to share about how to make a baby shower a little smoother? Or do you just wanna say how adorable yellow shoes are next to a big pile of gifts? Either way - comment section available!


Melissa said...

LOVE the yellow shoes. Especially love the baby belly/hands shot. At my bridal shower my best friend/MoH had a scrapbook with a page for each person in attendance to decorate. They'd been warned in advance so they came prepared with pictures, notes from years past, you name it. She had a craft table set up in the kitchen so people could eat and visit in the living room or dining room, or work on their scrapbook page at the craft table. It was a GREAT way to keep the crowd controlled and to have people interact over a fun activity!

Bayjb said...

The shower looks great! I would second the yummy food portion because that's what everyone will be mowing down on there. And keep games fun but don't overdo it.

Emily said...

I don't think I've ever seen a pregnant lady as cute as her. What's her secret? I need it for my non-prego body. Cute shower!

USANDCO said...

OH, do I have a game for you. It involves assorted chocolate candy bars, diapers, a microwave and a very discerning nose. Whoever guesses the right flavor of "poopy diaper" wins. Okay, so this was at a Co-Ed shower, we had to thrill the guys somehow. But I found it quite hilarious myself! Oh, this was a cute idea too. The host had assorted size plain white onesies and fabric paints and each guest made a personalized onesie for Willow.....very special and unique.

Lindsay said...

The pics you took are great!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the tips, but I LOOOOVE the humor even more! LOL! The shower looked like a blast. I'm sure the mommy-to-be enjoyed every second of it. :)

Freckles Chick said...

What a hot mama! Love the yellow shoes. Fab photos, K.

The last baby shower I went to, the host asked each guest to bring a baby book of their choice in lieu of a card, to help start the baby's library. I thought that was so unique and smart.