Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Before & After Extravaganza

I love me a good Before & After. Something about them is so fulfilling. Something so intriguing. Something so lazy. It is immediate gratification - and not lifting a finger. It is wonderful. And the best part - it is not another project that I have to add to my LONG list. I can just admire the work from afar. Cause like my mummum always said - "if the barn needs paintin, paint it!" - and thankfully now this is in regards to your basement and garage projects (instead of my makeup free face!)

And the people that perform these feets are nothing short of genius. They have inspired. They have created something clean and new outta a heap of furniture poo. In short - they are magicians of the spray paint can, dreamers of true beauty and the envy of their peers. We salute you creative kings and queens. We salute you.

Today we celebrate the greatness that is BEFORE & AFTERS. This is an extravaganza of all things redone, a fair of all things re-envisioned, a celebration of all things remade. It is a festivus for the rest of us! And when you visit these make over wonders - be sure to let the renovator know that you give them a huge pat o' the back (that's Irish for a round of applause!)

I dedicate this post to Eddie Ross...for inspiring me to turn my mammoth beast into something admirable. Eddie - your transformation is the bubbles in my diet Dr. Pepper.

And I want to host another Before & After Extravaganza in the near future - so if you have a project that you would like to show off, send me the link and I can add you to the list so that you also can get one of those Irish applauses too. You know I live for this stuff....


JesPlayin said...

Hi there!
I noticed a few hits on my blog coming from your blog (thanks to feedjit), and decided to check it out. Thank you for including my vinyl chairs! I live for redoing old things. It's almost better than buying brand new.

Kellie Patton said...

I loved looking at these before and afters - they inspire me! Thanks for looking at my blog and COMMENTING - I love to know about the people who are "peering" into our lives!!!

Anonymous said...

AWWW thank you so much for looking at my blog! I was really excited to see a few hits this morning! Good luck with your DIY project!

Kim Gray said...

Me too, thanks for coming to my blog and posting on my tv cabinet ;) I Have alot had quite a bit of traffice from your site! GREAT FEATURE!