Wednesday, September 10, 2008

East Coast Choppers

KitchenAid Choppers that is...

I just have to share this with you cause it was such a stupendous, magnificent deal and I had to brag about my good fortune a bit. Yesterday I was on the way back from my laser hair removal appointment and I made plans to stop at Bed Bath and Beyond. As you well know, I have found numerous good deals there like this...and like this. So I stuffed all seventeen of my 20% off coupons in my purse. (dude they never expire and I keep um in my car, ok?) and stopped in.

Let me preface this story with saying that the BB&B near me is just a normal one - so when I make the hike up to my laser apt, I pass the CLEARANCE branch for our area. Yes. It is bad. It is beautiful. It is a little taste of heaven.

So I am in there and what do they have that I have been telling Jeremy about - a chopper.

And do you see that lovely blue sticker on it?!? So normal price is $40 - my price $21.43

Then if dinner wasn't enough, we get desert...this lovely chenelle throw in ivory. Curtesy of my handy dandy phone calculator, I realized I hit a jackpot.

Sale price (not original mind you) $15 - take 50% off that for $7.50 - then an additional 20% due to my coupon $5.99

THIS IS A SIX DOLLAR BLANKET!! UNBELIEVABLE. If they had more, I would have stocked up for Christmas gifts.

I love shopping like that - it gives me a sense of accomplishment :)


Freckles Chick said...

I SO know what you mean! I feel like I'm more efficient if I get something for a fab price.

Love the purchases. We need a chopper in a bad way--hello, salsa!

And OMG I can't believe the throw was so insanely low-priced! It looks super duper high-end.

mrs.leah.maria said...

WOW woman, I am beyond impressed, I'm downright jealous!

Emily said...

Umm, ok. I have a confession. I am absolutely, 100% horrible at using coupons. The other day I was driving to BB&B and I realized half way there I forgot my $10 off and 20% coupons - curses! I'm going to start sending them straight to my car when the arrive in the mail. Loove that throw.

G+D said...

Oh wow! Amazing deals Katie--good for you girl!

Lindsay said...

You are the best shopper! Good finds!

20-Something Superhero said...

Shucks. We don't have a BB&B here. Do they let you use more than one coupon at a time?