Thursday, September 11, 2008

Guessing Game

Guess what I ordered for my dressing room yesterday?
Ok I will give you a hint - it was on the last Sales and Specials I posted. AND IT IS FABUUUULOUS!!!


Freckles Chick said...

Oooh, ooh I know, I know!
The capiz chandie from West Elm? I hope so b/c since I don't have it, I need you to get it =)

Lindsay said...

the Chandie!!

The Rauths said...

oh i know, i know! the capiz chandie from west elm! i want to see a photo!

ps i'll put my brain on your shower! =)

Bayjb said...

I'm not sure but I am loving that light fixture.

G+D said...

The egg platter?? ;)