Monday, September 15, 2008

Lake Break

When our church was fundraising for the youth mission trip, we organized a BINGO/AUCTION event that helped bring in some big bucks. The people who donated items and services were extremely generous.

Naturally, when a lake house weekend was up for bid, Jeremy & I didn't hesitate. We are water people after all. However, we didn't end up winning. But later in the evening, ANOTHER lake house went up and we didn't want to lose. Determined with the fervor of a scorned E-Bayer, the bid rose and rose. $250 later, we were the proud renters of one weekend at a Lake Lanier lake house.

So we called some friends to organize it for this past weekend and soon we had a whole slew of people looking forward to a break from the hustle and bustle. The logistics were simple. Everyone splits the costs of the house, food and snacks to make it super affordable. Five couples, three days, two nights. Here were the some of my favorite memories from the weekend:

Highlight #1 -The house.
It could sleep WAY more than ten people but I think our group was small enough to make all feel cozy and private. The pool table room was dreamy - I think it was the boy's dream - ooooh wall mounted big TV.

Highlight #2 - The lake.

Fishing, wakeboarding, swimming...makes me wanna go back or own a piece of it too!

Highlight #3 - The outlets.

The house is ten minutes from the North Georgia Premium outlets - can you say POTTERY BARN?!?! Us girls had a blast shopping (of course, because of the low low prices!)

Highlight #4 - Talent Show 2008.

I made a huge to-do about having a talent show. The boys hated the idea. But in the end, I think everyone ended up doing it to make me feel less stupid. It actually was sooo funny!!! The talents ranged from silly to strange - but we loved it all! Julia could actually brush her teeth with her feet!!!!

Highlight #5 - Dance Fest.

With the assistance of red bull and other various drinks, we felt right at home with an interpretive dance party. I will never forget how hard I laughed when Jeremy worked in the "Carlston Crawl" into his dance moves!

Highlight #6 - The food & the friends.

We had a great group - GREAT! And everyone was content and helpful and encouraging! At each meal, we got to sit down, pray together and joke about how much bacon was on the table. I am so blessed by each couple.

And my dear friends Dan & Heidi announced some very good news - THEY ARE GETTING MARRIED!!! Yea!!! They already have a honeymooners house - so hopefully we will get to hear the BRIDAL plans when we go up to help :)

Here is the happy couple:

Congratulations you two! We can't wait for the big day! And maybe I can take some photos of the event to share with my readers...if I'm lucky...

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