Monday, September 15, 2008

Bulletin Board Design Tips

Everybody has got them - in the office, in their kitchen, or in the closet stashed with tons of stickies and mismatching tacks. Well, now you can show them off loud and proud with some helpful hints from Bower Power to make them look, well, better.
What are we talking about? Bulletin Boards.

Bulletin boards are ever so helpful for quick references, phone numbers in a hurry, and memories of a fun weekend at the lake. You can tack everything up! Pictures, notes, schedule reminders, and postcards have all been victims of my scattered bulletin board.

And when Emily at Imperfect mentioned in a comment that I should post some tips - well, I figured it was time to help out (myself) and share what I find.

Earlier this year, the boyfriend & I bought two of these boards at Ikea for cheap.

In order to make them look a bit more matchy with our office, I was quick to tape and spray paint the frame. Before it was birch colored - and I wanted white :)

I thought it might look a little bit like this when finished:
Unfortunately, I was not as careful with the spray paint can as one would hope. Some of the spray got onto the cork part of the board to create an inner misted effect.

See how the boards look like they have "mats"? Yea - that was an accident. But I didn't mind and I think it added some interest into the otherwise dull bulletin boards. Point - accidental success!

Some other things you can do with the exterior of the boards is to completely reframe. Any kind of trim could be attached to spice up a bulletin board and make it look a bid more ornate. Or attach cork to the inside of a mirror frame, window frame, or cute picture frame.

Also available is cloth covering - just buy the cork squares at your local craft store and cover with your fav fabric. A regular stapler will secure the fabric in a jiffy!

Keep in mind that painting is also an option with or without the frame - paint the cork boards and the frame the same color as your walls to create a de-cluttered look or use your accent color to give a wall a punch in the pants.
I love this look - floating art! Also, note the pictures in this office bulletin board are all the same vibrancy. None are brighter hues than the other so it gives your eye a chance to focus on the beauty of the child's photo.
Also a good tip from the photo above - if you want to attach a note that will be hanging there for a while - give it a little accent frame with a flattering piece of paper underneath. This base matting adds a classiness to the note you are stickin on the wall.
Keep it clean. The numbers for the plumber, electrician, and gas guy does not need to be forever posted to the bulletin board. Also - don't put your account numbers, passwords or other important info on your office board either. Just think - a burgular could get your flat screen AND your savings - not good.
What is good to post on your board?
PICTURES. Show some kiddie love with your five year old's crayon art. Tack up some inspiration - whatever your interest. Also, reminders next to a little clip art or on a bit of cute scrapbook paper never hurt.
I - personally like the orderly look for my bulletin board. If something is important enough to make the cut - or tack - then it has gotta be positioned just right. And if the board is too full - then I take off junk till its lookin good.
Do you have any good tips for adding some flav to your fav bulletin board? Ribbon is popular - right? What else?


Freckles Chick said...

Oooh, love these ideas!! You've gone all Martha Stewart up in this piece =)

I came across some cork pieces at Lowe's and wanted to do a grouping of them on our office wall, then label the boards with vintage looking numbers (1, 2, 3, etc.) or our initials. A la Ballard Designs style.

Mrs.FiveCamels said...

oooo! Thank you! I just acquired an office today at work (upgrade from a wheeled cart) and was thinking of bulletin boarding some of the walls. I'm too fickle for permanent decorations. ;)

G+D said...

Great ideas, Katie! I love the fabric covered ones.