Friday, September 26, 2008

Sales & Specials 09.26.08

You know the drill. Here is the deals that will make you scream louder than you did last night (when Jim and Pam got engaged!)...AHHHH!

1. Chainlink Vinyl Shower Curtain - Pottery Barn $13.99
Personally I dig the grey version but any color could add a splash of style into your bathroom. Perfect for a college abode or a kids suite to add flare combined with the easy to clean vinyl. I would even go so far to say that it would look quite dashing as a tablecloth for your next outdoor party.

2. Jamison Club Chair - Target $149
Microfiber is your friend. Why? Cause it is easy to clean and takes a beating and keeps on ticking. This tan version from Target is surprisingly similar to the Pottery Barn Spencer Armchair - but oh, $1150 cheaper....whatta deal, whatta deal.

3. PB Classic Stripe Pillow Covers - Pottery Barn $14.99 + free shipping
I am seriously considering getting a few of these in citrus for my living room just like Emily. I love the classic lines, the price, the nautical feel, the price, the free shipping...did I mention the price? And the great thing is that you can get the innerds for cheap at IKEA (for all you non-sewing types) and the overall price will be less than a pillow at Walmart.

4. Dane Pendant Lamp - Crate & Barrel $64.95
Brazilian sandalwood veneer shade is a throw back and a jump forward all in one. This natural forest-y pendent would bring the outdoors in placed in a modern cabin or a retro loft. It screams style and at 50% off, the only question is - why WOOD you not buy it?!?

5. Wire Balls - CB2 $3.95-$4.95
Handwoven goodness of IRON. Place them in a bowl on your coffee table, stack in a large vase, hang from the ceiling or use as side table flare. They look fantastic and individualistic - and the price is not gonna push your budget way outta whack.

6. Lollylane Modern Ceiling Light - Walmart $14
Sure it was designed to go with a childrens room - but imagine getting a few for over a dining room table, a playroom reading area, or even flanking your TV in your IKEA adorned home. The design is simple, whimsical and fun - interpret as you will. Are they little trees, mini dandelions or lollipops? Who knows and who cares! We just know they are charming.

7. Lemonade Carafe - World Market $4.98
Wedding tables would look a little country, a little refreshing, and a whole lotta fabulous with these lemonade carafes. Serve your next patio party, summer time picnic or parched guests from this green glass pitcher. It is sure to charm if paired with some of your canning jars turned glasses.

8. Sumersault Blooming Delight Rug - Walmart $18
The colors and the price are darling for a closet rug, a bath rug or a children's time out mat. Not only does this rug look fantastic on the floor but also in other areas of your home - case in point - use it to cover a bench top for a furry and fun cover. Or attach some loops to make a textiley wall hanging for the babies to stare and then later rub all over. oooh - fuzzy.

9. Shanghai Pitcher - Z Gallerie $14.89
Square etchings make this porcelain pitcher to die for. It looks beachy, Asian, high end and functional to boot. Makes me wanna serve lemonade on the back patio. And at 50% this would make a great hostess gift at the next holiday party - about the same price as a decent bottle of wine - and I promise she won't use just once!

10. Nobility Safari Bath Rugs - Dillards $19
Exotic flavor for your bathroom ahead. Too much and you'll think you are at the zoo but add one chic bath rug and all of a sudden you just turned your boring trip to the bathroom into a luxurious African safari. Granted they aren't on sale - but I thought they were too fabulous to not share.

11. Essential Home Faux leather Parsons Chair - Kmart $39.99
Kmart? Katie's Mart that is. Cause these chair designs are fantastic - even Restoration Hardware thinks so. And the price is even better. I drool over prices like this. And then I have to change shirts.

12. Christmas Morning Hemstich Table runner - Linen's N Things $7.49
It is never too soon to shop for Christmas and today is no exception. This runner would look darling down the middle of your next Holiday party buffet. The matching 4-ct. napkin set is also available at the same price for you matchy-matchies. And this pattern is simple enough to add a little homie-ness to any contemporary home.

13. Whole Home Solid Color Dinnerware Collection - Sears $7.75-17.99 for four packs
This price is ridiculous for stoneware that look like it should be adorning the likes of a Southern Living magazine cover. It is not only sturdy but stylish. This is the kinda dinnerware that glass front cabinets were made for. If you buy this and have a fiesta - can I come?

14. Scroll Bird Lampshade - Urban Outfitters $14.99
I know I posted two lampshade pendants but this one was so charming I could help it! Flocked bird pattern set against a white background can add interest in your next black and white room. And $9 off the original price helps too. It will really pop when paired with a spicy red wall or some hot pink pillows.

And for those of you that are new - welcome to Bower Power. Here lives the dollar saving, penny pinching, sales loving gal that would love for you to keep a bit more of your moolah while increasing the FAAHH-boulousness of your home. And if you come across any great internet sales or specials - post them in the comments to share with my other 8 readers.


Melissa said...

Oooooh, these are great! I'm hosting a party next week and may need to pick up some of those sweet lemonade carafes (and a million other things not on my list) at WM this weekend! How do you create your moodboards?

Emily said...

Love that chair, unfortunately i don't think the tan will work for my house. Bummer. Love the pillows - I'm trying to figure out how to make them work for fall and winter.

Tiffany Lynn said...

Great list - I love the red rug from Wal-Mart :)