Saturday, September 27, 2008

Creating a Cacoon

When I read about the fabulous Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles 2008 Designer Showhouse, I knew that I found the perfect solution for our humdrum master bedroom. The designers showcased a master bedroom that featured walls covered with tons of curtains. The floor to ceiling drapes created a sense of a warm, cozy and soft cacoon that blocks sleep-disturbing light and noise. It is totally luxurious but also calls out for you to come in, cuddle up and take a nap.

One reason I fell in love with my boyfriend was because he knows how to sleep. And who am I to inhibit great Saturday sleep-ins or 10 hour celebrations of dreamytime?!? I figured that the best way to celebrate all things nocturnal was to create a cacoon of our own...and hope that this caterpillar blossoms quick!

Obviously we are heavy sleepers - hence the head dents in the pillows :) Probably should have cleaned up a bit for the "before" picture but I like to really see a HUGE difference with my "afters"...don't believe me - check out the dressing room transformation.

Our blah walls were not only drape-less but colorless to boot. The anitique white paint color didn't do any favors for our antique curly maple furniture or our sandy hued bedding. It was a major design blah. And since we are still about $906 short on our desired bedroom furniture, the current furniture AND the future furniture had to look good with our wall color. Enter TJMaxx. They were a big help in my overall design...mostly through their clearance section. I scored some great silk pillows in a blue-green that were on sale then discounted. (insert mini dance here) And Pier 1 had a matching accent pillow that tied the silk pillows into my existing bedding.

The beachy blue-green looked great on the walls and really tied in the antique dressers and the modern leather upholstered bed. And the draped wall solved some issues we had with the room.

Issue #1 - the single bedside window
On one side of the bed we have a window. When we tried to center the bed on our ceiling fan, the window sill got in the way. I was bummed. The bed pulled out a few inches to clear the sill looked stupid because it created a 'floating' bed...something had to be done. With the curtains, our bed could be pulled out and over in front of the sill without marring our leather headboard. Bed centered on fan - check. Wall no longer one-window lopsided - check.

Issue #2 - the morning light infused room
The light in the morning made it very difficult to sleep in - and when that happens, it is really hard to stay up for a John Cusack marathon. And peoples, we just can't have that. The curtains allow us to block out the harsh morning light and keep a few more of those needed zzz's. Nocturnal imitation - check.

Issue #3 - need to hide the cords (that we don't own yet)
I really want the sconces from JCPenney. But they will have cords - and nothing bugs me more than cords showing. Well, some things bug me more - but don't get me started. The thing is, I really like these lights - and much to my surprise, Jeremy likes them too! But the drapes are essential, vital, necessary to cover the cords. Hidden electrical neccessities - check.

Covering the wall with ($15 a pair) curtains not only eliminated our issues but made the room look larger and more lush. And when I saw the problem solving solution at This Young House on how to make the curtains look more built-in, my copy-cat skills set in motion. Hence the small board and the crown molding over the curtains.

Looks totally professional - right? My Jeremy did it. I did help - but he was the genius who rigged it up there. I'm so proud.

And ya know, with the new paint color in my very own cacoon, it helps me not dream about that furniture as much...yea - I could live with it for a very long time. Isn't it amazing how some paint and a few yards of fabric can change the way you live (and sleep)?!?! This is one sleeping (wannabe) beauty that is truly amazed.


kari said...

I love it!

USANDCO said...

Katie it's FAB!!! I'd take a nap in there fo sho ;-)

Emily said...

Wow, that looks fantastic! Did you put matching curtains on the other window? I'm seriously in awe - it looks like a luxurious hotel. We have the Canopy furniture (2 nightstands and dresser, but not the tall dresser) and love it - it's totally worth the 906 :)

Kim & Ryan said...

Wow. That is absolutely fabulous. It really looks like a magazine. I would have never thought to do that. And, they certainly don't look like $15 curtains - where from? They are so tall!

Great job! I would imagine that it would be a wonderful retreat.

G+D said...

Katie! This looks INCREDIBLE!! OMG, I can't even believe that's your room. It looks absolutely stunning. Great job!!

Freckles Chick said...

K!! It totally looks like a chic hotel! Amazing transformation. I love how it turned out. And that bedding's gorge.

Awww, you have matching pillow head dents =)

queenbee said...

This looks great. What color did you use on your walls?

Katie said...

Hi Ya'll - I am totally tickled that you like my new bedroom! I know it is not done - but it's one heck of a lot closer than it was!

Now on to answer your questions -

Emily - No, we did not add curtains to the other window for two reasons. 1 - The window casement is white and we liked the idea of having a bit of clean white here and there in the room.
2 - We adored the look of the concealed curtains and we didn't want to then have a curtain for the window not concealed. So for unity sake we foregoed on the other window. Plus, it allows more light in and I can't argue with more sunny-ness.

Kim - the curtains are the cheapest ones we could find at IKEA. $14.99 for a pair - 96" long and made of unbleached muslin.

Queenbee - Paint is so tricky for me cause I notice every little undertone and difference with different lighting. This one gets a stamp of approval. It is called Sage Bud from Valspar.

Thanks for the support you guys! You are the caffiene in my home decor renovations :)

XO - Katie said...

I saw this over on This Young House and just had to click over to say GREAT JOB!

megan said...

I am so glad that you did a q&a on the drapes. I just have to find myself a handy man and it's going up!! What's with the lame-o single oddly placed windows?? Is that something that builders work in just for kicks?

Julie said...

Love the room. I want to do something similar for my room but am having a hard time finding a rod that fits the entire length of the wall. Where did you find yours?

Kelly said...

I'm a new fan of bower power! My mind is racing with ideas from your blog! I am having the same problem as Julie, how did you hang the curtains?

Kristina with a K said...
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