Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Vacay Replay - Magic Kingdom Part 2

Mickey Mouse knows fun. And you can quote me on that. I like to believe that I was meant to be Mickey's close personal friend. Afterall my room in middle through highschool was dedicated to all things Disney. Don't judge me.

So being buds with the Mouse means knowing that the best way to tell a story is to tell it with pictures. He uses animated pictures - I will use the photos below to tell you my story of a little place called the Magic Kingdom.

Let's begin:

In a place far, far away called Kissimmee is a magical land called Disney World.

One day a strange family wandered into that land at a discounted price thanks to a man who sold cheap tickets through the local market (Craigslist). Immediately upon entering the park, the family got separated from one another.

Part of the family found themselves in front of a grand castle.

The other part of the family discovered they were on a busy street filled with people that didn't speak their language and didn't know about deodorant.

Evidently part of the family went crazy in despair. So they decided to get magical horses to bring the family back together.

And it worked! The family was reunited when the horses rode in circles.

Since the family was back together - they decided that it was time to discover more of this town. But riding those horses was hard work and soon the riders were begging for some refreshment. Unfortunately one of the family members had to trade their right hand for the delicious drinks. But such are the prices in this magical place.

The shows delighted the entire group...warning:if you leave a small child unattended in this magical place they glue the child's feet to a box in the Small World ride. Just thought you should know.

and soon the town had a parade to welcome the visitors. It was grand fun! The family even got to meet many of the natives. Boy were they characters!

The family decided to explore a house where Swiss people used to live. The swiss were even weirder people - Robinson was the name and they must have been midgets because their beds were extremely tiny.

The family even met people in this strange land that were out of this world.

Soon the heat rose and rose. The family decided to risk being in a building with nine bears to get out of the heat. Sometimes air-conditioning is worth the risk.

The littlest family member even passed out from the heat. and partially from exhaustion. and partially cause it was her nap time.

While the princess baby slept, the crazier family members went on a roller coaster called Thunder mountain.

And the even stranger family members decided it was time to become sick by spinning themselves in giant tea cups. thankfully no one was hurt.

Soon it began to rain. And it rained and rained.

Even the sky became dark.

The bushes began to grow into giant mouse shape creatures. So the family hid in a restuarant.

The family didn't think it was awful to be stuck in a restuarant. It was educational as the children learned how to operate a digital camera.

They waited...
and waited...

and waited...

and kissed...

and kissed some more. They were in Kissimmee after all.

And didn't even wake up the Queen who was sleeping on the table.

The family decided that it was time to be brave and go outside. They prepared by shrinkwrapping the princess in her carraige.

Soon the rain ceased and they were able to get a family photo of their adventure to Disney.

Their adventure was coming to an end. Before leaving the family made camp to see the send off that the village performs for all its visitors.

The young princes were given light sabers to protect us as we waited.

They only used them once...on a nearby village person. Thankfully that village person decided to not press charges.

The send-off was spectacular!

The family got home safe and sound. But right before leaving, the strangest of the family decided to snap this shot of themselves at the happiest place on earth. This is a place they will never forget.

The End.

Don't go far - we got another story for tomorrow :)


kari said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all things Disney, especially Disney World. I'm jealous.

Mrs.FiveCamels said...

I love it!!! Excellent story telling! We went there for our honeymoon, and we're dying to go back!