Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Vacay Replay - Magic Kingdom Part 1

Welcome back to our vacation recap - "vacay replay" if you will. In the past week we have covered our family vacation - from location to food - but now comes the good part...dessert :)

On the third and fourth day in Orlando, the fam and I went to a little place called Disney World. And boy was it magical! And since pictures speak a million words, most of the next posts will be photos.

This post - part 1 - is dedicated to those poor people that have to put on ridiculously hot costumes and stand out in the 100 degree heat and hug children and sign autographs all day. No I am not talking about Michael Jackson...IT's CHARACTER TIME!
We met all of the following Celebrities in the Magic Kingdom, the Animal Kingdom and MGM Studios. Each one was excellent at playing their role - and they were especially patient with the kids and the parents trying to get the perfect photo. Bravo Characters Bravo!

Clara with Daisy Duck

Me & Jeremy with Buzz Lightyear

Cole with Woody & Jessie

Clara with the Cinderella's wicked Stepmother & Stepsisters

Braden with Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) - check out those pink cheeks :)

Clara with Belle

Clara with Cinderella

Lori & Cole with Chip & Dale (or as Clara called them "Chip & Dip")

Tara, Clara, Brad & Braden with Baloo

Tara, Clara & Braden with Pluto

Mom & Dad with Flik

The Power Rangers

Me & Jeremy with Miko

Brad, Tara, Braden & Clara with Mater & Lightning McQueen

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