Sunday, October 12, 2008

Aww-tumn Decor

Unlike many of you, I do not have fall decor boxes chock full of spiders, scarecrows, and funkins. Seriously...I just learned today that funkins existed. And I must say - I am a fan. So when it came to changing my house from summer-lovin to falling-for-fall, I was in dire need of some low-cost halloween/thanksgiving gear. Enter Old Time Pottery.

Never heard of Old Time Pottery? Well me neither until this past Wednesday. I was having a rough day and so I headed to the place of pick-me-ups...Goodwill. While there, I fondled a pair of unique colored candlesticks and looked for the tag. Old Time Pottery price tag = $1. Goodwill wax pencil price tag = $2.50 That's when I knew. It was love at first price-tag sight. I mean OTP had to be good if they charged less than charity, right? So that's how it began.

My coffee table centerpiece was super great in July but now that it is October it needed a little more fall-infusion. It was saying to me "I am ready for my bikini" rather than "Let's have a bonfire"...and baby, I am ready for shmores.

I removed the books and the sand dollar but kept the quaint little tray. Then I centered a fall themed candle holder (a gift from our wedding) and smooshed in these great woven faux fruits till the tray resembled a basket overflowing with produce. And with the swipe of a match, I saw magic...Let's say it together - Aww! Best part about it - this little update cost me, oh, $6. And since this kinda fruit doesn't go bad, I will have years and years to enjoy it.

Let's talk color. I think that the white pears and apples are a great alternative to the traditional reds and oranges of fall decorating (and are clean and fresh feeling to boot!). And the green really helps bring out the green that is carried throughout our living room. Doesn't the apple make those armchairs I reupholstered look even more fall-friendly? Lastly, we have our warm cocoa colored fruits which help anchor the entire arrangement. They also lend a helping hand in tying in the warm colored candle holder and furniture. Thank you OTP, thank you.

Another great OTP find happened in aisle 4. I just about peed myself when I saw this glossy white pumpkin and gourd staring at me, beggin me to take them home, pleading to be placed where all could see that I am a super-cheap son daughter of a gun. So I held them, loved them, and then turned them over to see how many future children I would have to give up in order to keep them forever. And low and behold...both for a grand total of $8. Don't hate me cause I am lucky. Hate me cause I brag about it :) And they look to me like a sleeker version of the Crate & Barrel pumpkins I posted about during my last Sales & Specials.

Don't they just look darlin' on our TV table?
One point of interest...yes, they are void of traditional color. Is that strange? Jeremy saw them and asked "Aren't pumpkins supposed to be orange?" And that is when I thought...Maybe. But I love white ones. And I think everyone should have pumpkins in their favorite it orange, purple or white...and so this fall, I am going to decorate with the things that make me go 'Aww' cause nobody wants to look around their house and say 'Boy, there sure are a lot of Eww-tumn items in here!'
Go ahead, admit it, you love the cheese :)


kari said...

I have never heard of OTP, but I'm on a mission to find one now!

Jen M said...

I LOVE the faux fruit, the tray looks amazing. And oh my gosh, those white pumpkins are to die for!!

ROXY said...

Oooh, I love those faux fruits. What are they made of....they almost look raffia-like?

Freckles Chick said...

Firstly, I adoooooooore your green chairs w/ those pillows. I kinda hate you, I'm so jealous =)

Secondly, love the centerpiece! It's classy and subtle & doesn't scream "Hey, guess what, it's fall!" We had some white pumpkins last year that we referred to as the 'albino gourds' in our snootiest voice.

Kim & Ryan said...

I LOVE Old Towne Pottery. I was obsessed with it for decorating our college apt. on the cheap. Much of my own fall decor was from there from this time in my life. I still use it and love it.

Now that I live 4 hours from the nearest one, I'm missing it.

Karen said...

That looks so good! It's amazing what simple changes can do. I second your love for Old Time Pottery!

Southern Plate said...

Your house is gorgeous!
~sighs and looks around her house, then decides to just look at your pics more~

G+D said...

Oooh how I wish we had an OTP around here. Your finds are fantastic!

Katie said...

Hi Ya'll -

I am pumped to see that my fall decor is loved by you too - they were orphans you know :)

Just a little FYI for some of ya, the fruits look like they could be a super cute project if you are uber-crafty like that. Under closer inspection it looks to be constructed of a foam ball with toothpick thin bamboo wrapped round and round. Then it has a real dried leaf (glued to a bit of construction paper for stability) and a faux stem stuck in the top.

It is cute, faux real yo :)

And good luck to you all finding an OTP - I saw on their website that they are few and far between here in the southern states. Just one more reason Atlanta rocks :)

XO - Katie

Natalie said...

I left you something over at my blog!

Kristina with a K said...

I'm originally from Nashville and now live in Dallas. There was a OTP a short drive from Nashville and I absolutely loved the place. Too bad they don't have any around Dallas. It is a true tragedy for new decorators like us. :)

Katie said...

That's a true bummer Kristina!

I guess with the recession and all Dallas won't be getting one anytime soon but take hope girl - there are plenty of houses in Atlanta for sale (wink wink!)

XO - Katie