Friday, October 10, 2008

Sales and Specials 10.10.08

The more I talk the less shopping you get to do, so let's get down to business. These are the sales, steals, and specials I found this week for your internet shopping pleasure.

Cute cute cute. Can you please have a garden party with tons of these strung up in the tree branches and invite me? Cause that would be hot - and not just temperature hot :) These would look amazing on a buffet table as well during your next holiday party to add some glimmer and glam. And at this price, you can afford some extra cuteness.
This chair is sizzling hot and at a smokin' price. Not only would it be earth friendly (no dead animal hide here!) but it is easy to look at and your boytoy will be sure to love it. Oh and here's a tip - type in Hudson in Target's search bar - there is soooo much stuff on sale this weekend!
This price is for not one, not two, but THREE boxes. What a way to add bling when you give your new sister-in-law a gift card or throw in a few fancy chocolates for that person you don't really wanna spend money on but is on the 'must-give-little-gift-to' list. Stock up now and keep em with your wrapping paper!
Tell me I am wrong, but doesn't this look like it came from the Pottery Barn Bedford collection? Not only fabulous but also can sort, stash and look pretty doing it. Kinda like you bloggers out there! And yes, I do have something on my nose :)
This says 17 pieces but in actuality you gotta multiply it by 2 - count those lids! Now figure out how many teachers, leaders, helpers, and friends you have to give a little somethin to come December, divide by 17, then multiply by how many cookies you wanna distribute for the holidays and WAHLA! You got yourself more cash in your pocket - and everyone you know is getting fatter than you! I should really take care of this economy crisis. The government just needs to stick to IKEA prices.
oooh texturally yummy...this was just too soft and subtle to pass on by.
Buy this for your mom, your college co-ed, yourself - but remember, you can't eat too many scrambled eggs...cholesterol is bad.
I was shocked to see this price - of course, you gotta see if your local store has the color you like but it would be worth the $4.25 a gallon of gas to get over there today!
10. Pumpkins - Crate & Barrel $4.95-$12.95
Me wantie. I love these. And I have no ceramic pumpkins to celebrate Halloween and into Thanksgiving. And these are perfect. Fill them with candies, cookies, or just your counter riff-raff and all is well.
I normally wouldn't post this because the price is just for the mat...but I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and it costs twice this to have a custom school year mat cut. And this one comes labeled with each grade so I thought that for all you moms, soon to be moms, wanna be moms, or if you just wanna show off your elementary school pics, this is a good price.
Something struck me about this dish towel, can't say I love it but I will say that I am strangely attracted to it and I can't avert my eyes. It's like watching Paris Hilton.
Sleekness alert. This little nightstand is priced good but has the potential to be one of those items that you can grow with. Start it off in your nursery to stash some baskets and a bunch of wipes and it will end up in your man-den as a coffee table.
14. Book Boxes - Pottery Barn $12.99-$16.99
I thought I would broadcast these cause I have never heard of boxes before to hold books. It is a very unique idea for those of you that want a little more matchy-matchy in your life. Let's say your table top never matches your decor cause your book covers are quirky colors. It happens to the best of us. This would be the solution.
15. Cross-dyed Pillow Cover - West Elm $3.99 (in espresso or rust)
This pillow cover is for a smaller accent pillow but it will make a huge difference in your room. The colors available are perfect for a cheap fall update and the price is too good to be true. This is cheaper than IKEA pillow covers...and like I said, the economy sucks right now so every little bit can help, right?
So that's it folks. Oh and be sure to check out Crate & Barrels website for more great outlet prices - this sale is phenomenal. And if you have an Old Time Pottery near you, make sure to check them out too...such great deals!


Karen said...

I really the item from West Elm, don't you just love that store? Sigh...I wish I could buy everything from there!

Michael said...

The Walmart desk accessories totally look like PB Bedford. I'm totally going to check those out!

Kim & Ryan said...

I have those very shades in our entire house. We love them and they were such a steal. We needed shades for all the windows, cheap and quick.
They're prefect for that.

PS - Use the 15% coupons you find everywhere for Penney's, that brings the price down even more.

Katie said...

Oh gosh Kim - thanks for that tip! I had no idea that coupons were floating around...I gotta get on that :)

Yes, Karen - I adore that store too. Maybe we could form a "West Elm Fan Club" - we could even take donations...think about it, kay?!

Michael - tell me how they look, I am dying to know!

XO - Katie