Friday, October 10, 2008

Costume Dilemma

After seeing your votes for our 2008 Halloween costumes, you would think I would be satisfied with the overwhelming lean toward Fred and Wilma. But just when you aren't looking, that's when I like to spike your punch. What am I talking about? Well, I have come up with a fifth option - under the encouragement of my boyfriend (who would rather wear a fat suit as Mr. Incredible than a Flintstone dress - you did all know that was a fat suit, right?!?).

Yes, another option has been brought to the table. Hate it? Love it? Wanna still see the beloved Flintstones? Do you even remember She-Ra? Yea, being a child of the 80's I was smitten with her - c'mon, it's He-man's sista!

P.S. Here is another past costume nugget for you to enjoy! This is me as Minnie Mouse and see Jer behind me. Yea, he was getting down with his blue-suede-shoes as The King. Fun stuff!


Tammi said...
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Tammi said...

Sorry, had to delete previous post. Apparently I cannot spell! I totally remember She-ra!! I think J can pull off Flash, you guys will make a great super hero couple!! lol

Mrs. Limestone said...

Love She-ra and I bet that costume would be a great hit. But then shouldn't your partner be He Man, not the Flash?

Michael said...

My J wants to be Elvis for Halloween so badly, but his principal is pushing the Wizzard of Oz theme this year. I'm going to show him your J so he can get some ideas.

Southern Plate said...

Haha, I love the minnie mouse! My daughter (who is three) is going as Minnie Mouse for the second year in a row, of course she's a smart gal and wrangled a new costume out of it this year!

You know, I haven't even thought about what I was going to be this year! EEK!

Katie said...

Minnie Mouse and fat Elvis were some of the best and funnest costumes we have had yet - so if any of you wanna assume those roles, I highly recommend it :)

And Mrs. Limestone, I thought the exact same thing - until I remembered that I will be kissing Jer throughout the night...and that whole inbreeding thing is only cool in certain parts of Georgia :)

XO - Katie