Thursday, October 9, 2008

Nate Berkus Said So

And if Nate said so, then we must get to it. What am I blabbing about? Oh a little thing called sea life essentials. Mr. Decorating-Fantastico-Berkus said that each living space should contain at least one piece of sea life. And who am I to argue with perfection?!?! clarification - decorating perfection. Seriously folks, I am married! And Mr. Easy on the Eyes is no match for my boyfriend :)

Back to the post - let's focus. Our office is kinda seaside themed. And on our last visit to the sea, I was able to pick up some amazing coral, shells, and beachy souveniers. Shells can be found just about anywhere. And it is a fun game with kids. You can even use a guide to find out exactly whatcha found.

When in the Bahamas, I picked up some sand dollars and threw them in a bucket of bleach. I know. I am a horrible person. But on the upside, I was in a place that you could literally kick the sand and three would float I feel like I was helping the natural selection process along :) Don't judge me.

Also, because our coral reefs are endangered - make sure that if you get coral - it is not living but found on the beach or bright white in the sand. Just make sure that whatever great sea-life souvenier you bring home that you take the time to bleach dip (or throw it in a baggie to stash in your freezer for a few days) to eliminate bringin some unwanted sea critters or sea debri into your home. Eel poo is not something you want to display.

Here is another tip - Mini Pringle containers are the perfect snack on the beach and then reuse as a holder for your cup-o-sand.

I wanted to create a way to display a sand dollar from our most recent trip to the beach. So I picked up a shadow box from Ikea, pulled out some sandy colored scrapbook paper and my trusty glue gun.
The edges of the sand dollar got a dab here and there and WahLA!

Instant art. A classic hurricane held my pink tinted sand and a piece of coral that I picked up and a mucho cheapo art card completed the look.

Now Nate would be proud. I have my office shelves decked out with shells, sailboats, and a couple odds and ends to give that washed-up-on-the-shore feel.

Wanna get some seaside art on the cheap? How bout craving the homemade stuff? Well, it just so happens that I am BFF with some folks that can send you a super chic coral leaf print for only twenty bones. Or check out Etsy for some sea shells under $5 to make your own crafty-craft. And for those of you that do not care for this inexpensive route, (saving money - pashaw!)Z Gallerie has some fantastic faux coral that will put the sea in your 'See my super-posh, Nate Berkus designed room?!?!'


Emily said...

Jealous for several reasons.
1) Sherry wrote on your blog and told you that you could be her BFF.
2) You have an actual piece of sealife to glue to a board, I have to go to Michael's and buy fake ones.
3) You have an IKEA near enough by that you can pop in for a frame. For real? Seething with jealousy here.

But, enough about me. Really cute, you did a great job and I love the beach shelf.

kari said...

I love that! It looks great.

Bayjb said...

This is such a great idea! I love shadow boxes and this is such a great way to showcase cool little items

ROXY said...

Love it!! My parents summer in Block Island each year and I'm always bothering them to bring back beach treasures for me to display. I just think the infuse such a calming essence to your living space! Thanks for sharing;)

Jen M said...

Your shelves and artwork look wonderful. I've never heard that about every room needing a touch of sea life - I've only ever heard that every room should have a touch of red!

And you had me laughing with "eel poo" - *giggle*

Tammi said...

I love that you frequently post new posts! haha
I dont always comment, but I love reading! :)
Loved the Canada pics, Happy 1 year anniversary!

Jersey Girl in DC said...

LOVE this! It looks so great! :)

Katie said...

Hi Ya'll -

Glad to hear you like this idea...I really think framing stuff makes it look so much more important, doesn't it? Like your kids fingerpaint art - add a frame and viola, you have a piece that belongs in the louvre :)

Oh Emily - just so you know, I would never pop into IKEA for just a frame...I could but I would be sucked in to the swedish superstore for hours on end. Parking alone is a thirty minute task so I only go when well-equipped with a list and a bottle of Excedrin. Although, I did make it sound like that is the only thing I bought - let me assure you, that is defiinitely not the case...I am way too greedy for that :)

XO - Katie