Thursday, October 9, 2008

Welcome Guests to Atlanta

Atlanta is a very diverse and unique city. I love it here in Hotlanta, the A.T.L., A-town or whatever ya wanna call it. And just a little FYI for all you non-atlantans - if you live near the citylimits, the burbs (which can be over an hour away) or inside the perimeter of the city, EVERYONE says that they live "in Atlanta". It is home of Coca-Cola, the Braves, the Falcons, the dirty south, Stone Mountain, and a kick-A aquarium. I am very proud to say that I am an Atlantan.

So naturally, this book caught my eye last time I was scoping out the sale section at Barnes & Noble. I had a gift card in tow and swooped up a copy in a jiffy.

I think they make these books for pretty much every major city. It can be great for introducing your alma mater to guests and if you ever move (gasp! the horror!) then you have this wee book to remind you of the place you once called home.

I thought it would be perfect in our guest bedroom for our overnighters to experience a little photo action of our beloved city. Plus I am the type of person that prefers pics to words in a book - and this little diddy was chock full of befores & afters.

Plus, the magazine with the Tennesse Volunteers on the front just wasn't satisfying my decor taste buds. I think that was a Jeremy selection :)

The magazines got stashed and the new Atlanta book took over. Not only informational, it is also decor friendly with it's natural colored cover. The color pallette is a little more in sync - no more blazing orange in our woodsy colored room. And next time we have guests, the area will be perfect to set out a basket of overnight essentials such as towels, toiletries, some Atlanta postcards and stamps, and a water carafe.

It is coming up on holiday season and that means family and friends coming to celebrate. But what do they need? Do you have a hard time figuring out how to personalize the space for your guests? Well, Martha has some great ideas. And I always love SimpleMom's hints. Also, hit up for other ways to make sure your guest has a uber-comfy stay. And if you have your own idea for how to make your special visitor feel like a superstar, throw it in the comments to share with my nine other readers (yes people, I have tasted popularity and it is SWEET!)


All Things Today said...

Katie -
I love that book and what a great thing to have for your guests to look at, especially if they are from out of town! I'm gearing up to swankify our guest bedroom and something like this will be included.

Also, thanks for the sweet comments lately over on my blog - you're the best:)


Kim & Ryan said...

Well, Atlanta was already on husband and I's list of places to visit for vacation. Now, I know that I must visit - home of Coca Cola??? I'm in....

The Rauths said...

i love the two los angeles/beach ones that we have!

G+D said...

The book is very cool, but omg, I have to ask--is that a giant spider hanging on your guest room wall??

Katie said...

Hi Ya'll -

I knew that there must be more books like this. Thanks Mrs. Rauth for confirming that...I think the beach one just made my wish list :)

Kim - you must visit the World of is an amazing display of squirting beverages. Plus there is taste-testing...SCORE!

Dusty - I just was wondering when someone would see that giant spider. It lives in our home but I can never seem to catch it...SIKE! It was a souvenier from my days in Peru. And yes it freaks me out too. But I don't really know what to do with it so I put it in the woodsy room...spiders live in the woods right? Goes with the theme. I promise if you ever come to visit me, I will hide it :)

XO - Katie

Claire said...

Yay for Atlanta! (I live in the burbs, but it's just sooooo much easier to say Atlanta)

That's such a great idea for a guestroom!

Emily said...

How far out do we need to call for reservations? JK. Sort of. What a cute idea! Yes, please hide the spider when D and I come to stay.

Melissa said...

I always have little baskets of toiletries for visitors, plus magazines that I think would interest them, some sweet treats and bottled water, fresh flowers, a box of Kleenex, and a nightlight outside the bedroom door in the hallway leading to the bathroom. I also make sure there's a pile of fresh, fluffy towels on the bed. Next month my mom and her three sisters are coming to town for the weekend and I'm having towels embroidered with their initials as a little gift they can take home (and easy way to tell them apart when they're piled in the bathroom!).

20-Something Superhero said...

I also like to leave a little welcome basket in the guest room with some fresh towels, washclothes and a few little toiletries (including a fresh wrapped bar of soap) bottle of water, chocolates, disposable camera, spare house key and welcome note.

Katie said...

Wow, you guys have this houseguest thing down! I am going to have to come back to re-read all your fantastic ideas next time we have sleepovers just to ensure I am prepared.

I love the personalized towels (and visitor gift!) and throwing in chocolate & a camera; that is right up my picture-taking alley! Now, I need to go stock up :)

Keep those ideas flowin!

XO - Katie