Wednesday, October 1, 2008

October Goals

First let's see how I did with my September Goals:

1. Read a book – the whole thing FAILED
2. Join a gym FAILED
3. Pay off credit cards FAILED
4. Decide on a haircut
5. Fix ceiling in kitchen/den FAILED
6. Smoothalize ceiling in downstairs bathroom FAILED
7. Paint the rest of the trim in the downstairs FAILED
8. Remember to take my birth control pill everyday
9. Send out invites for Brook’s Baby Shower

3 outta 9 ain't that bad. I set my goals really high so that I may land upon clouds (or however that quote goes). On the up side, I got through chapter 9 in my book...which is 9 more chapters than I have read in a really LONG time. I am about $800 short on finishing off the last pesky credit this month should be the month that does it. And I did do the first coat on the trim.

Regrettably, I will not be joining a gym anytime soon. I hurt my knee playing indoor soccer and now I must go to get an MRI - quite possibly have surgery. suck. I have not even looked at the ceilings in the kitchen or bathroom but it is definitely nice to have one in our basement there's my silver lining :)

And yes - since putting my goals out there, I have remembered my pill everyday! So congratulations are due. Go ahead, congratulate fertile Mertyl on NOT getting pregnant :)

And here is the main course: GOALS FOR OCTOBER

1. Finishing reading the book from September & read one more
2. Walk two miles everyday
3. Pay off credit cards
4. Get the decided upon haircut
5. Bake two pumpkin related desserts
6. Decorate the outside of the house for fall
7. Paint the rest of the trim in the downstairs
8. Remember to take my birth control pill everyday
9. Decide on menu, gift, games, and details for Brook’s Baby Shower
10. Write my grandparents a letter two times
11. Decide and make killer costumes for Halloween

Note that #1 will be the hardest, then #2 and #8. Also, #11 does not imply that we will be costumed as 'killers' but probably as fictional characters...those are our favorites.


Anonymous said...

LOL! I love how you "FAILED" at goals and then just dropped them off the list. Sounds like me! :) GL with the goals! You can do it!

Melissa said...

Bah. Not failed, just postponed until further notice. :) Good luck with October's goals...and thanks for your comment on today's post!

tohearn14 said...

I love lists and goals! lol...I need to post my goals too, and man, you're on the ball seeing that it's just Oct 1. If I could just figure out how to post them on the side of the blogpage so they are always seen,,,aahhh, still learning allt these blog tricks.
I get halfway thru a book and set it down to never pick it up again-eek!
Good luck!!

mrs.leah.maria said...

Super funny how your presented this post! I look forward to the recap of your accomplishments and failures!

USANDCO said...

Hmm, I think I'm going to brave putting my goals "Out There". Would it be bad to have as #1. "Deliver baby before Nov.8 due date?

Oh, I've got a yummy pumpkin dessert too if you're in the market for recipes; it looks impressive...but it's super easy.
Love you

Kim & Ryan said...

Great list - I love that you put out there how you did. So brave... and I'm totally cracking up about your birth control pill. Good for you!

I may have to swipe this - with proper credit to my inspiration of course. Great idea.

Emily said...

Those birth control pills are trouble. Can't live with em, but you have to live with babies without em. Yuck (well, for now at least). Love your goals!

Anonymous said...

HAHA I love your lists - they made me laugh!!! Good luck with all your goals! Isn't it so fun to cross stuff off a "to do" list - I love it!

Katie said...

Hi Ya'll -

Thank you for the boost! Looking at all those red FAILED marks on my last month made me feel like this month is gonna be impossible! It's funny how I actually discouraged myself! But you guys gave me just the pick me up I needed. You guys are the best!

Katie - yes, I failed once at them. No point in failing twice :) I'm just glad that I'm not the only one!

Steph - having a baby on a goal date is perfectly acceptable...if there is money involved, even better! And yes - send over that yummy recipe to my new shmancy email.

Kim - I hope you do steal this idea...cause I might steal the monogrammed pumpkin idea. They are adorable!

Oh and if you have a recipe to share with me like Steph, just email me! I love to eat so I might actually exceed that goal!

XO - Katie

G+D said...

Your "FAILED"s crack me up! I think you did pretty well the first time outta the gate! GL with your October goals--feel free to send leftovers from #5 my way. I'm OBSESSED with all things pumpkin flavored right now. YUM!

Freckles Chick said...

Hey, at least you SET goals for yourself....which is more than I can say for me. I think I'm afraid of setting goals b/c I'm afraid of failure. Geez, I sound like a hoot to be around.

You did pretty dang good, girly!

(BTW, your comment on my concrete post made me pee my pants from laughing =)

Bayjb said...

I have to admit, I giggled when I saw you wrote "fail" next to the goals. No shame in failing. October looks to be a busy month! Thank goodness it's 31 days!

Jen M said...

See, instead of writing FAILED I think you should write POSTPONED. ;o)

Katie said...

Ok Melissa & Jen - you got yourself a deal! Next time I fail at something but it rolls into the next month's goals, it will definitely get labeled "POSTPONED".

You guys really know how to make lemons into lemonade!

XO - Katie

Kimberly said...

I laughed really hard when you explained that by "killer costumes" you didn't actually mean costumes of killers.