Thursday, October 2, 2008

Virtual Yard Sale

Ever go to a yard sale and see some great item that it just up your alley? Ever lowball a Craigslister hoping that you aren't paying more than what they got it for? Ever wanna just have braggin rights about your genius negotiating skills and eye for style?

Well, have I got the feature for you! And I think this will be a lotta fun if you all play along. I am going to do my little internet exploration in search of great home decor items. Then I will post a picture of them here. It's like I am hosting a yard sale and you are interested in what's on the table. Here's how the conversation goes -

Me : Welcome to the Bower Power yardsale! If you see something you are interested in just let me know.

You: Thanks! I will. Ooh nice ___________! How much do you want for it?

Me: Well, make me an offer.

You: Ok well I see it's brand new, so I figure you paid $_______ and a fair price is $______.

Me: Actually I paid $_________. And no you can't have it.

See? So it is a guessing game really. But about home decor. you in?

And what is at stake? Well, not much. EXCEPT YOUR PRIDE! And you will get braggin rights and everyone will want to go shopping with you cause you know your shizzle.

Here are the items - you let me know what you think they cost and what you would pay for each.



Oh yea - the one that comes the closest to the actual prices (diffences calculated & no cheating) will be announced in three days! Let the guessing begin :)


SLH said...

Despite true market bartering experience in Kenya, China, Peru and Mexico, I am a horrible shopper/bargainer. I get confused and cross-eyed and don't even know what I'm bargaining for.... but I want the bird pillow and elephant tray NOW.

For free.


The Rauths said...

you are funny! yes, wanting a little bambino but waiting a little longer!

Freckles Chick said...

Ooh, I lurve me a guessing game!

#1-$14.99 but I'll give ya $10.00
#2-$11.99 " " $5
#3-$27.99 " " $15
#4-$17.99 " " $9
#5-$21.99 " " $12

Did I do that right? I'm not great at following rules. I'm much better at breaking them =)

Katie said...

Hi Ya'll -

Well I guess we have our winner! Freckles, since you are the only one that choose to participate (everyone elses sucks!), you are awarded the Ultimate Yard Saler title. Let's go shopping sometime, kay?

Also, Here are the actual price points of the items on display.
#1 - $24.99
#2 - $5.99
#3 - $78
#4 - $12.54
#5 - $168

Unbelievable right? I love that little elephant tray :)

Great Job Freckles - Koodos to you for being a fantastic yardsaler!

XO - Katie