Friday, October 31, 2008

Painted Pumpkin Party

In celebration of TODAY, we are hosting a little painted pumpkin party! I scoured the globe in search of the perfect painted pumpkin and on the way, fell in love with some of the best spraypainted, fingerpainted, and theme painted little Jack's. These acrylic adorned wonders are not only fun to make - but a heck of a lot safer than handling cutlery!

On my adventure to find some of the best looking 'kins - I did find a gem of a project that will be just up my alley come next Halloween. It involves some dead little trees, some black spray paint, and a black painted pot with candy corn.

The best part about the spooky forest decorations is that I calculated it to cost under $10 for a pair of them (assuming you can find some branches for free in the woods). That is my kinda project! Perfect for hanging treats on just like in the BHG version.

Ok - back to the Pump party:

Gourd yourself with gold! These glowing wonders are perfect for a top a buffet, smooshed into a wreath with some moss, or stacked inside a tall vase for some sheeny fun. I love the traditional influence with the greens and oranges peaking out from beneath the golden veil. And how fabulous would a dinner party be with one of these minis holding your name card - it would be worth it's weight in gold I tell ya.

Neutral territory can be difficult to find in a pumpkin. But these muted colors could tie in your new pumpkin with any room of the house. Easy to do and uber-graphic with it's straight lines and cubed overcoat - this pumpkin is anything but square!

It's bewitching to paint pumps on pumps! And any cute shoes with ribbons are all I need to pump up the party. These are adorable and easy to boot! If I owned a shoe shop, I would line my front window with different size pumpkins with painted footwear on each one. Talk about a winning display - those shoes would be to die for!

Creatures of the night can crawl into your heart! These crafty little critters courtesy of are made from mini kins and are not for the easily scare-able. I can see myself walking into a room half asleep and totally attacking this wee little guy thinking a gargantuan mutant arachnid was loose in the house :)

Glitter me good! Even Martha loves these sparkly little suckers and we all must obey Martha...I hear she got some friends in the clink that will take you out if you try to argue!

Plaid, and painted, and polka-dots, oh my! This fantastic idea is a virtual variety show! Make a slew of different shapes, kinds and colors into a cohesive theme with the help of integrated hues. Not only do the colors collaborate but you can customize these for your own country style front porch.

And the last guest in the painted pumpkin party is totally cracked up! This lovely Jack looks spooky and chic all in one. Covered with crackling paint from a leftover project can make your pumpkin look old as time but fab for today. If only I could find my crackling paint I would do this project on minis for more harvest decor.
If you have some painted pumpkins you love (maybe your kids did Spongebob who is guarding your porch tonight or your two year old had fun fingerpainting his mini guard), and you would like to share - shoot me a photo via email. That would be the treat in my Trick-or-Treat!
Happy Halloween! Hope it is safe and fun for all of you!


Melissa said...

You are TOO CUTE! What a fun idea. I'm saving this for next year, when I will hopefully have my energy and mad entertaining skillz back in full force.

Freckles Chick said...

Ohhh this is a feast for the eyes. I love those black trees! Happy Halloween!

ROXY said...

I love that natural color block painted one!! Thanks for sharing;)

And btw, I have say, you are the spitting image of Kristen Davis from SITC. Just had mention that. I've been trying to place it since I starting following your blog! Happy Halloween!!

Lindsey said...

Too fun! Happy Halloween to you!

Michael said...

The trees are awesome!

A lady I work with brought in all of these gourds to decorate the office. To be honest, all the warty bumps gave me the creeps, but painted a nice metallic color and in a beautiful glass platter, well it looks beautiful. I'll have to make a polite suggestion :)

Have a great Halloween!!!

Heidi said...

I love Halloween! I'm already putting together ideas to decorate for next year's festivities.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Bayjb said...

As much as I love carving a pumpkin, I'm digging the painted ones more since they last longer. The ones with the witch legs are awesome!

Mrs. Limestone said...

Love the black branches idea. Particularily great if you can find some branches for free because you probably have all the other materials laying around in the house.

Hope you had a happy Halloween!

Tammi said...

Cool-I LOVE the gold gourds-gives them such a fancy look. thanks for sharing...

Katie said...

Hi Ya'll,

BAYJB had a really good point - painting pumpkins versus carving pumpkin will actually give you a few more days to weeks with your orangey friend. Because carving is so invasive and makes the kin more susceptable to disease, rot and insects - painting could be a great way to decorate & celebrate while having a seasonal item last a bit longer!

Hope you guys had a fab H-day!

XO - Katie

p.s. roxy - you are crazy - maybe I should post a more realistic photo cause there is no way I am that gorg! but thanks - I will take it anyway :)