Monday, November 3, 2008

Introducing Lilley

Last Thursday, my good friend Brook gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Lilley Grace Suter arrived at 11:55am. She weighed 8lbs 3 oz, measured 20.25" in length and thankfully, was delivered via c-section. Imagining little Brook pushing out an eight pounder was uncomfortable to think about...especially cause she wanted to do it all-natural. Koodos to all you moms out there who pushed your own little watermelon outcher waterhose!

Look at this mug - who wouldn't love this bundle o cuteness?!!

And because I am so obsessed with home decor, I just had to share the nursery that Lilley would call home. You guys are in for a real treat - just looking at this nursery will give you baby fever! I seriously considered turning my dressing room into a nursery just so that some of that boobly-woobly love can live in my house. Note that I am NOT a parent or owner of an infant.

The room is painted a pale pink and has green and white accents throughout. Pottery Barn Kids bedding started off the cutie-pie abode in the right direction with the perfect color scheme. An artwork gallery above the crib consisting of this, and this, and this - brings in framed out balance over PB mobile. And a few tin floor buckets in pink and green are chock full of tub toys ready for bath time (when LG gets older) and extra burp clothes and blankies within arms reach of the glider.
And speaking of the glider, Brook's mother-in-law and a friend finished upholstering the cushions in a pink gingham fabric mere days before the bundle of joy arrived. These crafty ladies were even thoughtful enough to include zippers for a quick wash when a little burp goes projectile.
A hand-me-down crib, changing table (not pictured) and dresser were given a matching coat of white spray paint for a cohesive look while keeping the Suter wallet extra padded. Since babies seem to have more accessories than grown-ups at times, the extra storage in the dresser and the crib trundle was a god-send.

The baby Moses basket was part of the baby shower gift that I gave Brook. It made me so happy to see that she was able to repurpose it to hold soft stuffed animals and padded blocks. Also, this was another example of the natural influence of the wicker that was throughout the room. Baskets under the changing table, and linen shaded lights also added some earthiness to the bambino boudoir.

By far my favorite piece in the room was this darling plate that I hung on the wall. Yup, I was responsible for making sure each hanging frame, shelf, curtain and piece of art was secure and even on the walls. It was a fun night cause we were timing the contractions...the anticipation was killing me!

Back to the plate. This timeless piece was hung in Brook's room as an infant and was only fitting to adorn her first little girl. The bloomered little chunky monkey in the ceramic painting is staring inquisitively at a caterpillar who is on a nearby blade of grass. Not only did the plate blend seamlessly with the decor and color scheme but it added a bit of personality and charm that we only wish we could buy at Pottery Barn.

Now - dontcha just love it? Baby fever set in yet? Wanna go get some baby bedding of your own? Yea me too. Just you wait folks...when we have our own Bower Power Flower it will be trouble...I could probably stir this economy doing a nursery of my own.


SLH said...

Oh she is just beautiful! That may be the cutest, non-red, un-wrinkly newborn I've seen. Hope Brook is recovering well! Okay, my turn next....ahhhhhh!!!!

Melissa said...

That is one BEAUTIFUL baby...and such a lovely nursery. Congratulations, Brook!

Tammi said...

HOW SWEET-I am getting a tad bit of baby-girl fever...Oh, WAIT, I just snapped back into reality-I am chasing after a most-active 3 year old BOY-NO new babies any time soon for me, but I sure love to look! hehe
Thanks for sharing and best wishes to Brook.

Emily said...

Beautiful baby, adorable room. Definitely baby fever!

Bayjb said...

She is beautiful and so tiny! I love her nursery, very soothing

Freckles Chick said...

Awww, what a lovely little flower. She's darling. Lucky girl, having a nursery like that!