Friday, October 24, 2008

Wood ya if ya coulda?

Wood is hot right now. Hotter than Miley Cyrus in a middle school pep rally. Hotter than tatoos of phrases in obscure languages. Hotter than the Katie Holmes bob. (gasp!) Well, maybe not hotter than the bob. But - it is the must have home accessory and the number of wood inspired pieces are growing like weeds in all the stores.

Some of the items that I found span the wide range from modern and mass-produced to getcha-axe-out and try to make it at home. Seriously, I do not promote cutting down trees - but for these grainy pieces I totally wood (get it...wood?!).

Pottery barn, Crate & Barrel, Anthropologie, and 2Modern all have great faux bois items, some all-natural accents and some modern twiggy home decor must-haves that are just the fix for bringing a little nature into your abode. I'm totally pining over the candles. (haha - pine - I think I just wet myself!)

The thing is - sometimes these great trends become available even when you aren't looking. Take for instance this great floor lamp I found at our BB&B this past week. She was all boxed up in the clearance section...imagine being the tree that made that shade...packaged in a box that could be made of her cousin. The shame. The horror. But on the flip side, her cousin did a good job protecting her cause that shade was in mint condition. It's wonderful how BB&B has a way of bringing families together.

Isn't she just gorgeous! I googled her when I got home to really see how much cash I really saved. And yes, it was a bundle. Wanna guess how much? Ok - she retails online for $140. I got this beauty for $20 plus some change for taxes and such. I know - I am too darn lucky.

This is her with the light on. It's like she is back in the forest with the morning sun shining through the branches. It is beautiful. I don't think this will be her permanent home but for now, I love how this lamp makes me feel moderny and woodsy all in one.

Do you have any tree-inspired pieces in your home? Have you collected sticks to put in a pot for some all-natural decor? Would ya decorate with a little wood? I wood. (I kill me)


Tammi said...

I love the natural, "outdoorsy" look of wood decor. They have some really neat decorative wood bowls (not your ordinary shaped bowl) at Target! You gotta check them out!

Freckles Chick said...

Heehee, you said "wood".

You're killing me w/ your cozy nook w/ the gorge chair and the oh-so-chic lamp. I'm never luck enough to find gems like that in the clearance section. It's like something C&B would sell-lurve it.

Michael said...

LOL @ freckles...I'm all about those birch candles from PB myself.

Lindsey said...

Love this! Great taste!

Kim & Ryan said...

You are crackin' me up.

I'm truly getting jittery looking at that lamp. I'm totally enamored with it. Particularly for the great deal. WHOA!

All Things Today said...

I love the driftwood (at least I think it's driftwood) mirror. Great ideas!

Tiffany Lynn said...

What a great find! I saw some white stump candles at Pier 1 earlier this year and now I'm kicking myself for not snatching them up while they were on clearance :(

abby said...

Love the wood decor! And the deal you got on that lamp...AWESOME!

Katie said...

Hi Ya'll,

It looks like you gals like wood just as much as I do...and yes I know how that sounds. Freckles, get your mind outta the gutter :)

Thanks Tammi for the recommendation - I will definitely have to check those out next time we make a Target run.

Tiffany Lynn - dontcha just hate when a fab find gets away? I have a few of those items that I still dream about finding one day on Ebay.

Oh and if you feel inclined, send me some photos of your fav wood decor items...I love new ideas.

XO - Katie

Lindsay said...

i have those sticks too! :)