Monday, October 27, 2008

Top Five Fall Must-Haves

My fall decor moolah has got to stretch like a cirque du soleil performer. I figure my decorations can't just last through Halloween, but have to keep me going strong till Thanksgiving. And that is why I choose Autumn-y items over the uber-cute Jack-o-lantern. Being that this is the first full fall season that Jeremy and I get to decorate our house together, it was really important to not go overboard (which is very easy to do when you see all the spooky, scary and super stuff they have in EVERY store).

In order to get the most out of each last dollar, I first did my research. I gathered tons of magazines from Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Target, etc. to identify the trends and traditions in Autumn decor. After categorizing the items that would be fabulous to adorn my house from September through November, I felt well-equipped when I went shopping. Granted, it is quite hard to resist those blow-up dancing turkeys when they look so fun in the store, but since I had a list and a dream, I knew I could pass on the tacky and go straight to the I-will-love-this-item-for-years-to-come.

And now this info gets to be shared with lovely ten readers (YES, I AM IN DOUBLE DIGITS!!) It's almost like I should have an acceptance speech. oh, really? you would like to hear that? ok! I would like to thank my brother for giving me a sense of humor by relentlessly tormenting me through middle school. I would like to thank Freckles Chick for putting me on her blog roll...I knew I reached the epitome of cool when I saw it happen. A big shoutout to my orthodontist, my eye doctor and my hairstylist in 7th grade - without you, I wouldn't be able to relate to the nerds in the movies. Thanks to the guy who dances in his car with me when I sit at the light on the way home - you really know how to do the hustle. And lastly my boyfriend, who listened to me 'get my words in' each night for the first eight months of our marriage (that was my pre-blog era) and never says no when I ask if my posts are funny (although sometimes I get a 'you could do better'). I love you all. Kisses (no tongue) and Thank you.

Now back to the post - these are the FIVE Must-Haves for Fall:

Yes, you lil bumkin, go get your pumpkin on. This is not just for Halloween anymore - it extends into Harvest season with style. Limit the number of carved 'kins you display after Oct 31st...unless you were coy enough to do fall-themed carvings - then display away. Also, be aware that different colored pumpkins are all the rage - red, white, gold all look fabulous on a table in November. Remember my white ones? I like to stay away from the clear versions cause it feels cluttered when I see the unmatching candies inside. And remember that buying real ones at your nearby church/school can help out a local farmer!

Acacia Pumpkin Trivet - Crate & Barrel $10
Pumpkin/Cinnamon Scented Pillar Candles - Crate & Barrel $6-9
Copper Pumpkins - Crate & Barrel $16-20

Berries are hot hot hot! Go traditional with a wreath, subtle with a few berry accents, or interpretive with a raspberry colored quilt - either way, your home will thank you for the extra punch of color and the warmth during the cold season. Bonus points for this fall fad as it carries right into the Christmas decor. Personally, I dig a smattering of berries around a glowing candle centerpiece.

Red Berries Dinnerware 16pc set - Bed Bath & Beyond $80
Better Homes and Gardens Nestor Coverlet Set - Walmart $65-75
Berry Wreath - Pier 1 $35

The best things in life are free. And baby, it doesn't get any free-er than leaves. Sure you could spend a pretty penny on the leaf-inspired decor items above but if you prefer to spend closer to the zero dollar amount, go to your friendly near-by branch and borrow some nature. Frame a pretty copper colored leaf for instant autumn art. Hot glue a variety of evergreen leaves to a styrofoam ball for a home-made topiary. Heck - tuck some golden hued leaves in a tray under a piece of glass or plexi for a instant fall infusion.

Leaves Pillow in gray - Target $17
Flocked Leaf Place Mats set of 6 - Pottery Barn $70
Margo Leaf Plate - Crate & Barrel $9

Fill 'er up the all-natural way. Take your glass vase and stuff with your favorite fall filler. Love the idea of a variety of different sized jars filled with walnuts, acorns, pinecones, or even apples. Display your harvest naturals on your mantel, buffet, or dining room table for the biggest kerpow. Extra points if you find a branch in the woods and convince your hubby to replicate the PB wood slices with his chop saw.
Turkeys aren't just for the birds anymore. These feathered friends will add some wildlife to your home interior without that whole nasty avian flu problem. Plus I hear that ceramic turkeys won't bite. I am really diggin the is sometimes the littlest accessories that will transform your plain-jane white dinnerware into a chic monochromatic harvest table setting.

So write these down and then go getcha some harvest duds to make your home a bit more fall-ready and your bank account a bit more padded. And if you have noticed an autumn trend that surpasses my five must-haves, please do share with other nine readers :) It'll put a put a little grin on all our moolah-lovin faces.


Jen M said...

Great tips! I have one too. Don't discount the jack-o-lanterns, just check the back. If it's plain and presentable, then display little Jack on your mantlepiece or a shelf (this won't work for a table centrepiece) and when Halloween is done, spin him round to face the wall - voila, a plain pumpking for the rest of autumn.

Loved your acceptance speech, lol.

kari said...

I love that pumpkin trivet, I didn't see it at Crate and Barrel this weekend. Oh well, gives me another reason to go back!

Emily said...

We like you, we really like you. Cute fall decor - I'm still anti-decorating just to drive my over-the-top-about-every-holiday MIL nuts. Does that make me a bad person? I AM thinking about spray painting some mini-pumpkins a gold or copper for November - we'll see!

Freckles Chick said...

No, YOU'RE the epitome of cool =) Awwww thanks for the love, K. Adding you to my blogroll was a no-brainer. You're the peanut butter to my jelly. The vodka to my martini. The capiz to my chandelier =)

I suddenly have the urge to Autumn-ize my abode. Great finds!

Anonymous said...

You are too funny. I totally have half of these things on my "want" list already. Great minds! ;)

Tiffany Lynn said...

Awesome finds! I've been resisting the urge to splurge on a bunch of fall decorations at Pier 1 for the past month. That's the thing about Pier 1, they have great seasonal stuff but if you hold out long enough everything will go on clearance eventually. And I'm just crazy enough to check their website everyday to see what's on sale next, hee hee.

Frugal Finds said...

Great fall picks!!!

Kim & Ryan said...

You crack me up.

I err towards fall-related decor, too. I have a major aversion to the blow-up ghosts and pumpkins that grace yards throughout our town... I feel ill when I see them.

Don't judge me.

Great picks

Katie said...

Hi Ya'll,

You guys are crackin me up! Oh and thanks for all the koodos...

Jen & Emily - you two have great ideas - the little Jack's can be spun around if you use a real pumpkin for a whole new look. And spraypainting some lil gourds in a copper or gold would be just devine for fall. I might actually have to steal that one!

Freckles - let's pretend we are BFF in real life...that would make me happy!

Katie - whenever you wanna compare yourself to me, I fully accept. There is no possible way my brain is as creative, and as smart, and as skilled in all things home decor as yours.

Kim - let's just face it...those peeps with the blowups are the same folk who use christmas lights as extension cords - we can see them drape from tree to tree people! Lordy - I would never judge you for fact, I would probably borrow your barf bag :)

Tiff - you and me both and me both.

XO - Katie

mrs.leah.maria said...

Hi can you just wrap up all of your tips and deliver to my house with related products? that'd be great. :) Your orthodontist would be even more happy with you.