Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Goodbye Circuit City

Recently, Circuit City announced that 155 stores across the nation are going to be closing and liquidated. They aren't shutting the doors on all the stores - just most of them - to stay afloat in this weakened economy. Unfortunately for my little brother - Timmy works for Circuit City. Fortunately for me and you - Timmy works for Circuit City.

How is this good for you? Well, because of my sibling, you get the low down on scoring big time deals at Csquared. Of the stores that are shutting down, they are not open for business today. Circuit City is bringing in some repricing experts that are going through each store, item by item to name a price that will be hotter than the Great Chicago Fire. Tomorrow morning, the doomed stores are open for business with prices that should prove to be impossible to beat.
Check out if a store in your state is closing:
My dad just bought a TV last week for cheap but was worried that CC wouldn't be around to honor the three year warranty...but remember not all the stores are closing so at least if his baby fries out, he can seek a replacement.
I have been thinking of what is on my the boyfriend's Christmas wish list and here is what I came up with:
A blue-ray player please!?
My hubbie would love to know that I am navigating safely...I do tend to get lost
Canon lens for my baby
Replacing our silver beast with something a little more sleek (and with 120hertz) for viewing pleasure.

What would you get at a close-out Circuit City? Are you going to be joining me for a little pre-christmas shopping? Are you dedicated enough to low-prices that you would camp outside the Csquared doors tonight? C'mon, it'll be fun...nothing says 'I love electronics' (or 'I wanna be an American Idol') like a little sidewalk squatting!


Meredith said...

I desperately want a flat screen TV! However, it doesn't look like any of the CC's in Oregon are closing!

ROXY said...

Oooh I see one listed for CT. We will have to go see what deals we can find!

queenbee said...

If you dont want to go out and shop with everyone else, I just got the Garmin GPS system on QVC and get this it is on an easy payment plan of about 40 dollars a month for 5 months no interest, no credit you just shop select easy pay and you'll have your new Garmin in 3-5 days.

Nornie Gal said...

Haha...I love how you warmed up your sitting space with a nice sepia tone in the photo! :o) The pillows are very nice.

Katie said...

Hi Ya'll -

Wow queenbee! Really? No interest? that is good :) I definitely need one soon - I get lost pretty much every time I go out of my little area.

Nornie - Actually girl, I didn't alter the photo at all - that is just the difference between my old crummy camera (that makes the walls look like a hot blue crayon) and my new shmancy cam-cam (that gives a more natural appearance)...but you have a good point...next time I will take the before with the same camera. And maybe I could get some software soon that includes adding sepia tones to my photos - circuit city maybe?

XO - Katie

Tammi said...

WhoHoo-9 stores in TX! There is actually one right across the street from my office. I will have to check it out-I need a new camera desperately! Thanks for the info.