Monday, November 3, 2008

November Goals

My favorite time of the month - lets grade how I did with my October Goals:

1. Finishing reading the book from September & read one more FAILED POSTPONED
I did not finish the first book about finances and moved on to the second - so technically I could be done with one whole book - so I get half credit for this goal.

2. Walk two miles everyday FAILED POSTPONED
I did REALLY good at this one for two weeks then I just transfered the walking into shopping...I know it doesn't really count. But on the up side, I lost ten LBers from just a few weeks of walking and several trips to Old Time Pottery.

We did pay off one...whew! However the other I put some of the stuff from Brook's baby shower on (for the points!) so that one will be wiped clean here soon.

4. Get the decided upon haircut FAILED POSTPONED
I am lazy. I am too darn lazy to pick up the phone to make the appointment. But I have noticed that my large glowing forehead has been protruding in every picture lately so I highly doubt this won't be crossed off in the next ten days. No offense to you glowers out there :)

5. Bake two pumpkin related desserts
yup - pumpkin shaped sugar cookies do count :)

6. Decorate the outside of the house for fall
forgot to take the photo - but trust me, my boyfriend did a fine job decorating!
7. Paint the rest of the trim in the downstairs FAILED POSTPONED
again...I am too darn lazy.
8. Remember to take my birth control pill everyday
Whoot whoot! mini dance with me! Except you baby boomers who want the population to grow to pay social security - you don't have to dance.

9. Decide on menu, gift, games, and details for Brook’s Baby Shower
yea yea yea - THANK goodness this one is over!

10. Write my grandparents a letter two times
Score! This one was easy-peasy-pumpkin-sqweasy! Plus I got to send the photo book!

11. Decide and make killer costumes for Halloween
What can I say peeps-I am getting good at crossing stuff off my list! Last month - 3 for nine, this month - 6 for 11...that, my friends, is called improvement! Now onto the new list:


1. Finish reading one of the two books I started already
2. Walk two miles everyday and do abs on TV workout at least twice a week
3. Pay off the credit card
4. Get the haircut to cover the light beam from my forehead
5. Bake an apple pie and a pumpkin pie
6. Buy half of all Christmas presents
7. Paint the rest of the trim in the downstairs
8. Finish the dining room
9. Mud all random holes in the walls and finish the kitchen ceiling
10. Send out save-the-dates for Christmas party
11. Write a note of encouragement to a friend/family member everyday
12. Get a dress for Dan & Heidi's wedding

Do not judge me for #1. And #11 is because I have offended friends & family alike with my bluntness...and I need to practice being more encouraging. And I am upping the ante on #2 even though I previously failed. Note that my previous #8 dropped from the list - it's official, I have baby fever.


Kim & Ryan said...

Awesome costumes. Those are super!

Melissa said...

What did we say last month about that "failed" business, missy?!

Mrs. 5C said...

what?! what?! are there BABIES in your future?!?! :)

Katie said...

Hi Ya'll,

I TOTALLY FORGOT!!! Sorry you guys - no more failure talk here! I changed each FAILED into a POSTPONED lickety split.

Oh and Mrs. 5C - no no no. No babies here - just like to put the fear of God in my boyfriend once in a while (wink wink). I will definitely let you all know if my uterus has any houseguest :)

XO - Katie

Bayjb said...

I LOVE your halloween costume. You look great!

And postponed is not a fail, in fact it's better because you meant to get to it.

Freckles Chick said...

OMG your costumes are amazing!! I'm beyond impressed. Can you make mine for next Halloween?

Good job on the goals, girlie! LMAO @ your baby boomers comment.
"Make Freckles Chick almost pee her pants from laughing--SUCCEED"

Jen M said...

What fabulous costumes! Glad you changed your "faileds" to "postponeds". My tip: best way to get all of those niggling DIY jobs done is to invite houseguests from out of town to stay - suddenly it ups the motivation somehow, to get it done before they arrive! Works for me time and again.

Michael said...

I LOVE THE COSTUMES!!!!!! Jay and I are so going as Fred and Wilma next year, LOL.

Tammi said...

Love your "goals" post, now I need to do mine! :-) Kudos to you for getting things done! You'll need your Super Woman costume, now with the holidays upon us-GEAR UP!

G+D said...

Your Halloween costumes were adorable--love them!!