Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I heart NY

Did my clothes shrink or something?

Did my belly button always show when I wore this sweater?

Were these supposed to be capris? Cause I thought the tag said long?

How come my buttons keep popping off?

I have this conversation in my head every morning. Do you ever wonder what happened to all of your clothes? Each new moon I seem to be getting larger (not just gaining weight, but getting longer everywhere). It is very discouraging to walk into a dressing room where nothing fits correctly...and the few items that do fit look like they are from the early 90's. Ok - they probably are. But that is neither here nor there.

So this past week when Jeremy was off playing golf and winning some fab prizes (way to go honey!)...I took this as the perfect opportunity to meet up with my friend Jules and go shopping at twilight. Little did I know that I was soon to have an affair. It snuck up on me quite unexpectedly...like I was Bella headed to Forks...when all of a sudden I saw my Edward - beautiful and attractive. I was in the dressing room at New York & Co. and I literally had to remind myself to breathe. Breathe in...breathe in NOW! My skin was electric. Dizziness washed over me like a blanket. What the mirror was showing couldn't possibly be real.

This shirt - hanging on my body like it was tailored to fit my every curve. It knew where to touch and where to give me space. It knew how to hang and how to subtley bring out the very best in me. About three things I was absolutely positive: First, NY&Co had a perfect shirt. Second, there was a part of it -and I didn't know to what extent that part might be - that would shrivel and shrink at the sight of my laundry machine. And third - that I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with it.

I bought it in two colors. I have worn them four outta the last five days. I heart NY&Co. It was a love affair made in retail underworlds...forbidden and painful (cause let's face it, I am cheap)...but in the same breath, excruciatingly satisfying. It was a total eclipse of the heart. My love accepts me for who I am - poochy tummy and all - and I swore to wear it until death did us part, which includes the great possibility that my washer might eat it whole. Either case, we are bonded together with the cords of love...beyond the breaking of dawn or the day of the midnight sun. I was also able to purchase a few other items from my newly favorite store to hold me till my other clothes decide to grow up...what do you think?
Jeremy was quite surprised when I brought back a big bag of my newly purchased items. Clothes shopping doesn't happen very often. I even held up my love for him - to which he shruggingly said 'oh'. I didn't assume he would be initially aware of how the relationship between me and the shirt had developed into more...so I decided to spill the beans...right there in the kitchen. First I made him close his eyes. I slipped it on with vampire like speed. I whispered 'ok open them'...and when his baby blues adjusted to the light his only reaction was spoken in a calm and knowing manner "I didn't know...wow...I just didn't think it would be like that". He knew. He knew then and there that my life would never be the same.
I even decided to wear my new shirt to the movie on the 21st...don't know what movie I am talking about? Well, then you probably didn't get half of the jokes in this post either...
Do you have a love? A forbidden fruit? That one item that you will never trade, donate, or pack away no matter how tattered and torn? Do tell...I need to know that this kinda true love exists beyond the realm of the cold ones.


Kim & Ryan said...

You are cracking me up!!

I have a mad obsession with NY&Co. It started when I worked there for 2 years in college. After finding a job where I could actually make money (instead of spending it all on pants and sweaters) and nursing my wounds (in the way of paying off credit card debt that accrued), I have never been able to get over this first love of a store.

Darby said...

I heart my Gap Long & Lean jeans. I will wear them until they shred then I'll fork over another $60 for another pair. They're the best. Your crack doesn't show when you bend over and they actually make you look LONG & LEAN! :) You oughta check em out! Glad you found some goodies!!!

Katie said...

Kim - note to self - never work retail - retail aka dangerous profession.

Darby - I LOVE me some L&L jeans...and you are so right on about the crack...I only have two pairs (and coincidentally they are the only two pairs of jeans that fit right now) but I dream about filling my wardrobe with them. It is like a Jean Genie really does exist...at GAP!

XO - Katie

mrs.leah.maria said...

Oooh, I haven't shopped there in a while! While I'm sure you're just as trim and beautiful as ever, these clothes are making a maternity rejecting pregnant lady think there's hope!

Mrs. Limestone said...

Im a big fan of NY&Co too. Maybe not quite as big of a fan as you...but still a fan.

And yes, Im looking forward to that little movie too. Im sure it will be me with a bunch of teenagers at the movies that night. Thankfully I have at least one too-old-to-be-in-love-with-Edward friend going with me. :)

half of vamh said...

I dont see that shirt on their site :*(

I will also confess here that I purchased tickets for a midnight showing on Thursday of Twilight.

Freckles Chick said...

I love me some NY & Co! It's like the affordable version of Express (but less slutty =)
I keep hearing about Twilight---methinks I'll need to read the books and go see the movie now.

Joi said...

Loving the Twilight references! I'll be in attendance on Saturday as I;m sure opening night has been sold out!

I love me some NY& Co. too. But since we bought a home all of our $$$ goes there...the little we have!


Meredith said...

We have a movie date on the 21st as well :)

I love NY & Co, but their pants STILL aren't long enough for me.

20-Something Superhero said...

We don't have that store here :( But I know what you mean. I also find something I love, and then buy it in every color they have. Oh and I know this might sound obvious, but to avoid the heartache of ruining my clothes, cause something is bound to happen... I either handwash almost everything. Or at least machine wash and hang dry. It take a little longer but leaves me happier in the long run.

Anonymous said...

I haven't shopped at NY&Co in ages! I just started reading Twilight- I hope it's as good as I've heard.

Katie said...

Hi Ya'll-

Sounds like you guys love NY&Co as much as you love Twilight! I will be in attendance on Friday night with my hubbie in tow...a teenager somewhere has their heart breaking because they won't be getting into the show because my boyfriend is taking her seat - poor thing!

And meredith - if the longs are too short for you - dang girl, ya ever think about leg modeling?!?!

and thanks for the washing tips 20hero! I will have to try that!

XO - Katie

G+D said...

LOL Katie--this post owns me! :rofl

And I love me some NY&Co, too. Almost as much as I love me some Twilight. :swoon