Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Who's the corniest blogger of all?!

Ok, leave the corn alone Katie, leave it alone. The corn is not your friend.

Back to the mirror. Remember the dining room?

Yeah, after part one, I made a trip to Ikea to pick up the drapes and the wine glass racks...unfortunately, it was a no-go on the later (outta stock again!). I might need to rethink this whole driving-to-Ikea thing and just order them online...hmm, would shipping cost a lot you think?
Back to the point - I decided to pick up these drapes (which Jeremy hates and will be returned this week) and some lamp shades to replace the red beaded ones that currently reside as dust-collectors buffet lamps.

Here is the close-up photo before the lamp shades were switched out...

Yes - they are adorable - and a pain in my back-end to dust.
And here is the simple and plain after shades.

Sure they may look blah-zay but maybe that is just what every room needs...not everything can be uber-jiggy with would be too competitive. And personally, I like to be the best looking thing in the room...not taking 2nd place to the lampshades :)

Koodos to the shade for being so closely mimic-y of my Pottery Barn chandelier shades...way to go linen/cotton blend! Moving on...

Remember this? Yea - five dollar beveled mirrors that got some help from my friend named Satin White. Hanging in the dining room above the buffet in a grid like fashion:

I for one, really love the newspaper look. And the blue painters tape just works. SIKE! Most things look better naked - and this is no exception. A little windex later, these beauties look sparkly and fab! Not only do they reflect the light from the chandelier, but they make the space look larger, they bring out the crown molding in the room with their own framed edges, and they create a sense of refinement to my previously barren wall.

I got the inspiration for the 'mirror over the buffet' look from here and here and here.

And while I was hanging the mirror wall, I thought it would be a superb time to hang my new frame from West Elm.

Only one minor problem - the mat matched my wall color. perfectly. It looked like a simple mat covered with linen, so I thought let's take this sucker apart and bring my friend Satin White in again to lighten things up just a shade.

Insert some cute lovey-dovey scrapbook paper (it's cheap art peeps)...
And that corner of the room no longer misses the boy with the gun girl with the broom painting.
To Do:
Buy and hang white curtains
Scrape paint off window panes (oops!)
Buy and possibly paint small side table for drink station
Sand and gel stain buffet to match table
Switch out buffet hardware
Buy bar height chairs for beside buffet
Hang sconces
Paint curio cabinet


kari said...

I LOVE it! It looks so great!

Anonymous said...

I love the mirrors!

Anonymous said...

It's coming along fabulously! I love all your before and afters. And I may be stealing that mirror idea for my guest bedroom...

Kim & Ryan said...

I love that you pulled out the "SIKE" for this post. I needed a little "SIKE" in my life.

I am truly obsessing over your dining room. Everything looks awesome. I am so madly in love with your shelves that I've shown them to the husband three times. Hopefully he takes the hint and gets me some for Christmas!!!!!

But, just for safe measure, I will probably be blogging next week with a link to your gorgeous dining room and the shelves that haunt my dreams. Just in case he missed the hint. =)

Sherry said...

Yummy. Love it. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Leave it to our virtual best friend to keep us on the edge of our virtual seat...

Sherry (& John)

Freckles Chick said...

Those mirrors above the buffet add perfect drama!! This room keeps getting better and better.

I love grommet top drapes (we have white ones in our dining area). We got ours from JCP but I've seen them at World Market, Pier 1, Target, pretty much everywhere now. Are you going w/ the grommet style?

Tammi said...

ooohhhhhh, aaaahhhhh...I LOVE the mirrors over buffet! Your dining room looks clean and traditional-very classy!
You scared me for a sec with the newspaper/paint tape...couldnt really tell what in the heck that was until I saw the mirrors-my FAVE!!

Michael said...

Ohhh...way cool :)

Tiffany Lynn said...

Love the transformation :) Nice call with the mirrors - they make the room look much bigger and brighter. You should invite me over for dinner so I can check it out for myself, hee hee. PS - I love the corn!

Alyssa said...


just wanted to give you a quick tip too... Pier 1 carries the wine glass holders you've been trying to hunt down. And I think the price is comparable to Ikea.


Mrs. 5C said...

BEA-U-TIFUL! I think your mirrors actually look BETTER than the pottery barn ones! :)
You're doing a GREAT job with this room!! Who knew what we were missing when we said we loved the green?!?

We were wrong!

Jen M said...

You are, like, the decorating bomb.

Laurel MacD said...

The mirrors are awesome - I can't wait to do that in my home!

Katie said...

Hi Ya'll -

Sooo glad you like the mirrors! I catch myself glancing into that room with a smile all the time now - and it is definitely nice to have a grinning face staring back at me :)

Freckles - I too love the grommet style drapes and I can't wait to get some for our office (one day!)

And all you lovelies out there (you too VirtualBFF) are more than welcome to come by anytime for dinner - I can't wait to finally use this room - for now we have been setting up camp with fast food in front of the TV :)

XO - Katie