Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Island Dreaming

Hey mon! We are back from Grand Cayman and what a ride!

We are totally tuckered out from island living. Sounds impossible right? That's what I thought until this past weekend. And then I learned that days on the beach, in the water and under the sun can really suck the energy right out from beneath ya. Don't get me wrong - it was totally fabulous - but now that I am back to the grind, it seems like I need another vacay to recover :)

I have an idea. Let's just pretend that this little post is a vacation o' fun - close your eyes. Take a break from your hot cocoa. Ignore the snow coming down through your window. Let your dreds down...oh and don't forget your sunscreen!

This is where we are staying - a little beach house right on the water. As you enter through the gates, conch shells line the driveway begging you to hold them up to your ear (can you hear the ocean waves? yea, that's because it is only 50 yards away.)

Meet your new best friend, Dixie. Playful and fun, you can wrestle all day long (if dog wrestling is your thing). Also a fierce guard dog, she will protect you from cabana boys, island drink servers, and vicious sand crabs.

Let's take a walk on the beach. Where the sand meets the ironshore, thousands of coral souvenirs wait on you, ripe for the picking. Did your heart just skip a beat thinking about seafans, brain coral and shells? Mine did.

Now we head down to Rum Point to enjoy a quick ride on a sea-doo and a walk on the pier. No...there is no lovelier place than this spot - and you don't need Captain Morgan to tell you that!
All this island vacationing works up quite an appetite! We grab the best burger in town with some fried frenchies, mushrooms, jalepenos, and onion rings! YUM!
Wait the recommended 15 minutes before swimming. Mostly because you are still in a food coma...but also because you don't wanna vomit your lunch into your snorkel! Swim with stingrays - the massive prehistoric dinosaur kind that have been fed steroids by the natives. Let's go check out the coral reef and go conch hunting too!
Finish the day relaxing in the cabana - swing in the hammock, put your feet up, sip on your mojito, and watch the waves crash over and over.
Dream of the house you would love to own - right on the water. Of course, it would be on the side of the island that never experiences hurricanes. And in it would be an advanced teleportation system that would be able to fetch your very best friends for a fun weekend, and your grandma for when you are sick. Don't forget to beem us in for a little beach action!
Ok - I feel a little more rested. Maybe that is just the relaxing effect of the humongous bowl of loaded potato soup I just ate. Or maybe it is because we got to dream together. If it's the latter - thanks.
And thanks for reading this whole post - I know reading about other people's excursions can be, well, depressing. And if you have a dreamy place that you like to go to escape the hum-drum, please do share. Nobody loves a mental vacation like me, mon!


*claire* said...

looks fabulous!! i'm glad you had fun!

Freckles Chick said...

I hear ya, K! I also need a vacay from my vacay. Long days of doing nothing really wears a person out. Looks like you had such a fabulous time though!

So glad you're back, we missed you like crazy. I swear, it was like there was less laughter in my world.

mrs.leah.maria said...

Lol, between you and FC, I do not want to hear it! :)

It looks like you had a beyond phenomenal time!

G+D said...

Welcome back Katie! Looks like you had an amazing time. Those pics are fabulous!!

Jen M said...

If I didn't love you so much I would hate you out of sheer jealousy. Not that I begrudge you your vacation, but MEEEEE WANT TOOOOOOO!!!!! *sigh*

And you darn near killed me with that food shot. I think my stomach almost leapt out and ate my computer monitor.