Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Animal Kingdom

This past weekend, I went Goodwill Hunting...of course. And I spied me a small white ceramic bird that just needed to fly that coop and come home with me. For. One. Dollar. It was amazing....well...not amazing at first. Initially it was sort of scary.

I first saw it in the dishware section. I stood there. Staring at the thing. Thinking that maybe it had a scowl on its face. Or that the void in it's eye was some demonic possession symbolizing a cruel evil heart beating deep within it's ceramic belly. The lighting was just right to make me believe that somehow this feathered fiend would attack me - my daydream-mare was a weird combination of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds and Childs Play's Chuckie. As I was staring into the face of this glossy albino sparrow (literally, I am four inches away from its beak), I see a hand reaching up toward it...so without hesitation I quickly snatch the fowl off the shelf, stash the wee bird in my buggy and move to the next aisle. No time for the usual boogie dance...just grasp and go. The hand belonged to some old guy who was grabbing a Jeff Gordon mug...go figure. But it was just the motivation I needed to make the chick mine-o-mine.

Once I got it home, it wasn't scary at all. In fact, after a quick bird-bath, it looked downright pleasant. I love the texture of the feathered back and sides. and it appears that the scowl turned into a bit of a smile. Maybe she just didn't like living in the Goodwill...I can understand...it does have a weird smell in there.

And I thought that since I am introducing my new little sparrow to you, that I would share the rest of our pets as well. And believe me, we practically have a zoo! Not of real live animals, mind you, but of decorative figures of creatures big and small.

A giraffe and it's baby live currently on our fireplace hearth. They came to us from a Pier 1 clearance store during my "lets-decorate-Jeremy's-apartment" days. I thought that their rugged metal texture and dark brown color looked manly and invoked impressions of 'world-traveler'. Of course, Jeremy had never been outta the good ole US of A at that point but any apartment visitor wouldn't know that :)

Another creature that was originally for the adornment of a then-only-a-boyfriend's abode was this squatty elephant. He currently resides on the bottom shelf of our coffee table. He is solid wood and (unbelievably) matches the coloring of his home. Maybe he is a special breed? Like a chameleon elephant...hmm...well, whatever his hue, he was a steal at the clearance price of $3.

Our living room bookshelf houses the fifth and sixth members of our wild kingdom...the Moroccan horses. Sure, they may look like high maintenance equine but surprisingly, they both are extremely supportive (pun intended), hardworking, and apparently bookworms...I mean, they are ALWAYS around the hardbacks :)

And speaking of horses, all of you know our stud-ly horse head that currently calls our coffee table home. We adore our white ceramic colt bust that adds some regal flair to our living room. I can't get enough of his sleek and smooth texture and his creamy color.

Lastly, our fish. Our scale covered friend is made from hammered metal on a metal stand. He lives in our guest bedroom above the television unit. I also got him in attempt to add some 'man stuff' to Jeremy's bachelor bedroom. Yes, that was many moons ago. And no, I am not an expert on masculine decor. I just figured guys go fishing so a metal fish is automatically manly.

So that's it. Our animal kingdom minus the fleas, pet hair, fish food, sqwalking, barking, and barn. And although I would just DIE if Jeremy surprised me with one of these, I am quite satisfied with having a collection of God's creatures immortalized in my home. Not only are they fabulous home decor but also a great reminder of one of God's most lovable gifts...wildlife.

I know that many of you have some uber lovable and adorable pets (real live ones too) so I wanna know...do you have a Spot, a Nemo or a Tabby? What's their name? Do they do any tricks? Mine hold up books and can hold very, very still :)


Katie @ makingthishome.com said...

Very cool details! I love seeing the little corners of your house like this. It looks so inviting, and I always want to say "cozy" but that would maybe mean cramped, and that's not the case at all. You've inspired me to keep hunting the flea markets this summer!

Sherry said...

I would literally wrestle you to the ground in the middle of Goodwill screaming "mine mine mine" for that ceramic bird. Amazing find. Best friends wrestle, right?


Bayjb said...

Wow I never have that kind of luck at Goodwill. I need to take pictures of things I see at Goodwill and have you help me place them in my apartment

Carrie said...

I love all the animals in your house you did so good at good will!

Katie said...

Heck yeah best friends wrestle! Especially when home decor is at stake. I can hear the announcer now - it probably would sound a little something like this:

"In our matchup tonight we have Sherry Petersik, the world famous female WWE diva wrestler known as "Decorating Ninja" (cheers and applause)

and in the opposite corner, coming in at three times Sherry's weight, is Katie. The unheard-of and substaintially less famous female sumo wrestler who is known in the tri-state area as "Eats Alotta" (awkward silence)"

and if you survived me sitting on you, I want you to know, I am not above biting. Edward Cullen does it...so can I :)

XO - Katie

Jen M said...

Love your menagerie! The giraffes especially (takes me back to my African youth) but that bird is fabulous too ... and the horse head ... oh, they're all great.

As you know we now have a real cat but other than that ... one lone white bird. Must add more animals.

kari said...

I love those giraffes, way cute!

Freckles Chick said...

Adore the menagerie, K! Hmmm, I see a trip to our Goodwill in my future. And by future, I mean today's lunch break.

You've heard more than you need to about our oversized bear-dog Hiro. He can't read like your high-maintenance horses, but he can beat anyone in a game of shedding.

(And "3x her weight", my arse! You're pretty petite yourself.)

Mrs. McB said...

What a great and creative idea for your post!

Mr. McB and I have a dog, named Kona. She is such a baby.

We are considering buying another. Check out my last blog post for details.

Tamstyles said...

All those are cute little pieces. I love when you take pics and post.

20-Something Superhero said...

I'm loving all your Goodwill finds. I too, am a fan of the birds. However, after thinking about it, realized that I have only 3 animal-related pieces in my home ??! All artwork???!! My fave though has to be the baby penguim painting from Kal over at LoveLife.

I'm in search of ceramic birds this weekend :)

Kraesc said...

I love all of your animals! I have 1 little pup. Claire is her name & she's one of those cute little breeds... And she barely sheds. I love her. ;o)
I too have a small kingdom. of giraffes! I almost squeeked when I saw your beautiful giraffes! They're lovely. I have about 20 right now... But they're all located in my hutch... I might disperse them about as you have your animals. Very lovely.

Katie said...

I am loving the fact that you guys have such a big place in your heart for all things ANIMAL! And that you are fired up about going to visit your local GOodwill/flea markets...you go girls!
What I am really enjoying is hearing about your real live fur, fin, and feather babies...so keep it coming!

One day folks it'll happen to me...one day :)

XO - Katie

Lindsay said...

I'm diggin' the photolog! I should soooo do that!

Laurel said...

I randomly found your blog today {from a blog of a blog of a blog :)}...but I must comment not about your growing animal kingdom, but about the books between the Moroccan horses!!

WHOA, those totally took me back to my childhood...weren't they called ValueTales?! We had the whole collection too and I vivdly remember reading them so often.

...enjoying your blog!

SweDaisy said...

Cute animals. My favorite is the bird, although his expression is a little unsettling. The tile in my kitchen is missing the top row the meets the cabinets and window sill. They need to be cut but they are glass so I need my dad's help.

Take care,

Katie said...

Yes, Lindsay - you should let us see your animal kingdom friends! I tried to stay as realistic as possible with all my creatures - cause, seriously, nobody wants to see my neurotic Micky Mouse collection...even if he is considered wildlife :)

Welcome Laurel - and YES! They actually belong to my boyfriend and we said that if we ever have kids, they will a much loved library item! Already they are getting use from me whenever I feel lazy, selfish, or unkind :)

Lisa - your kitchen looked really good to me...let us know how he cuts those tricky glass tiles - I would love to learn!

XO - Katie

Sherry said...

You are hee-larious. I almost broke a rib laughing at your wrestling scenario. And you can bet your ceramic bird that I'm not above biting either. It's on like Donkey Kong.

Seriously Katie, when are you coming over for a Twilight swoonfest/sleepover? I miss you and I've never even met you.


Katie said...

Sherry - name a date girl...I got some free time in February, March, April and the rest of 2009 looks pretty open too.

Must do in a sleepover =
photoshop our faces to look like vampires then order postcards to send to relatives with said photo, film a Survivor application video, paint an Edwardian inspired portrait of each other, and play food pranks on our husbands.

We should prepare the list now so we'll be ready :)

XO - Katie