Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bower Power Reality TV Picks

I love, love, love, my DVR. I love that I can fast forward through commercials. And skipping the bits I don't care for. It makes watching twice as many shows in the same amount of time possible. That's how I do TV now. I DVR everything. And when I fast forward through the insurance commercials and the junk food ads, I try to go as fast as possible and stop it perfectly when my beloved reality TV starts back. It's like a contest. Me versus the machine.

And speaking of games, I have made my picks for two of my favorite reality shows - The Biggest Loser & The Bachelor. So here they are:

I really love Jen. I love the positivity. I love the fact that she wants to win. She is one competitive cookie. And I love the fact that Jillian can't break her spirit (yet). Not only is she in it to win it, but it seems like she is sensitive to others. Plus she is hot. Like oh-my-gosh-the-producers-didn't-have-to-really-imagine-the-weight-loss hot. Maybe when she loses the weight, she will hook up with Bob. You know you thought about it too.

Dane is a logical pick to me to win the whole kit-n-kaboodle. He weighs a ton, he loses weight quickly, he used to be a college athlete, and he has the support system at home. If the black team doesn't walk away with any money at the end of this, I will be shocked. Simple math shows that if Dane gets to 200lbs (normal weight for a man his height), Dane will be thanking Jello for his cash money.

Lastly is Daniel. Daniel is the fattest kid at fat camp. He is my redneck buddy. Basically I just feel bad for the kid - I can imagine he has been called Jumbotron his whole life...or Blimpie...or Mr. Tubbee. One time he ran - he went 7 miles an hour. That is impressive. I can't imagine how much chaffing that can cause. And I really worried for the treadmill...that is just a joke, NBC can afford a new one :) Seriously though, I really want him to lose a ton of weight...I want him to change his life...and I want to be his friend.

Here is a quick question. I watch this show every season. And every season, the contestants take off their shirt and we expect to see everything from ghetto booties and spare tires to back hair and man-boobs. But for some reason, season 7 is producing some pretty funky looking mid-regions. My question is this...that giant fat pocket located above their waist...in Atlanta, people call it a "panis"...do you think that the NBC doctors find stuff under there? like chicken bones? If I had a panis, I would keep my keys there. I always lose them.

Moving on.

The Bachelor is Jason Mesnick. I loved him during the Bachelorette. Obviously, I wasn't the only one.

My boyfriend thinks he looks like a young George W. I can see it a little. In the nose. They both are pretty darn handsome men.

Ok - on to my picks for the lucky lady.

I hear that the cheerleader - Melissa - aka Deanna Part 2 - is the winner of Jason's heart. I am perfectly ok with this so far. She hasn't had an emotional breakdown, or been ridiculously catty or mean, or said that she lights her Casanova candle each night before bed to attract Jason. It could be creative editing but I like to imagine that she is just a regular nice girl. My favorite Melissa moment? "I got a breast reduction at 17. I used to be double F". They aren't kidding when they say everything is bigger in Texas...well, not anymore I guess :)

I personally do not prefer Nikki for Mr. Mesnick...not after this past week. She is too serious. I love this Nikki line though - "I know I am pretty. I know I am smart. But that isn't enough anymore." Actually Nikki - just the first one is enough for most guys. Don't you worry your smart little head.

My Canadian hotdogger is great. I would totally jump on the bed with her...and I love mustard. Does her theory apply to girls? Oh wait, I am straight...and married. Jillian - come to my house...we can be BFF. 500 million points to Jillian for being an interior designer...I wonder if she blogs?!!?

That's it folks - my Bower Power Reality TV show picks - what about you? Who did you pick?


kari said...

I love Jen's attitude, I wish more of the teams on BL were like her. And I think Melissa is adorable, I wouldn't mind if she's won Jason's heart.

Freckles Chick said...

We need DVR! Currently I have to get online to catch up on my missed shows. Then again, my reportoire consists solely of Lipstick Jungle and HGTV, so...

I love that you picked all brunettes. They have more fun, don't they? =)

LC said...

I am totally with you on Daniel, Melissa, and Jillian! Love them all and would love it if any of them won! What if Daniel dated Mellisa and/or Jillian? Now that would be great television!

20-Something Superhero said...

I'm with you on the DVR being the best thing ever. With my schedule, it's perfect!!

Anonymous said...

I really like the green team! But I thought her name was Tara? I'm also a fan of Helen of the pink team -- I don't think she'll win, I just really, really like her. After last night's episode, I also really like Kristen from the purple team. I think she just might have it in her!

Also, what was up with last night's vote? I think we're gonna see some serious drama next week!

mrs.leah.maria said...

Sorry girl, I have to agree with pp. The green team is Tara and Laura, with Tara = Jen. :)

I couldn't agree more with your picks, although I think something could also come out of the brown team. I'm really surprised that in scenes from next weeks episode that there was no drama between the two teams for Jillian's team screwing Bob's team with Joelle.

I wish we could get together to watch it lol, but then I wouldn't be able to keep my date with my treadmill.

Grace said...

i love melissa! i first loved her when she was on "making the dallas cowboy cheerleaders" (or something like that) and was excited to see her on the bachelor! i think it'll come down to her and cutie canadian jillian.

megan is awful. i really wanted to see her gone this past week. and while stephanie's story is pretty amazing, her face and over-use abuse of accessories are pretty scary.

Emily said...

I love Tara and the "anes"es. I told B we have to name our kids names that rhyme with our niece and nephew so that if as cousins they ever want to go on the biggest loser they can be "Zack and Jack" or "Jilly and Lilly" just like Blaine and Dane. I also like Dan, but I'm super annoyed with his partner eating fried chicken buffets at home.

I do hope Joelle goes packing soon - that was a skeezy move by the black team.

Katie said...

Oops - sorry about my name blunder! Ya'll are 100% about Jen=Tara.

My roommate in college was named Jen and looks ridiculously similar to her - blond hair, huge smile.

My sister in law is named Tara and is brunette, six feet tall and skin and bones...maybe that is why in my brain that blond bubbly gal should be called Jen :)

Either that or I am turning into my Pappap. He still calls Jeremy "Jerry" and my little nephew Cole "Puppy" :)

XO - Katie

Tiffany Lynn said...

I'm a total BL fan and I love the green team! Husband and I were watching last week and I told him that half of Daniel's problem was that nasty head of hair! Ugh! What is up with the Silver team? Was I the only one who wanted to slap them on yesterday's episode?

I'm also a fan of Howie Do It on Friday nights. I think you would like it :)

Mrs. Limestone said...

I love Jillian too. Did you see her portfolio on the first episode? That girl is talented.

Melissa seems like a sweet girl but a little bit on the immature side to be marrying into a ready made family for me.

Michael said...

Ok, the Bachelor totally looks like W. I thought that and Jay said I was crazy. Excuse me while I go rub your post in his face.

N. said...

I love these shows!!! I can't predict BL; I'm just glad they're all relatively nice this season.
As for The Bachelor, I had only ever watched one other season, and it was a looong time ago, but I am so hooked. I like Jillian for him, but Melissa is good, too. I really like Stephanie, but there's something off about them together.
Whomever he chooses, I really hope it works out for him!

G+D said...

I right there with ya, Kaite: Love my DVR. Love Biggest Loser. Love The Bachelor. First BL--the green team's been my fav. since day one. Tara is so POSITVE and SUPPORTIVE of all the contestants--I just love her! I'm a big fan of the yellow team (the sisters) and the blue team (the cousins), too.

Bachelor--Jillian's my favorite so far, too. And I do like Melissa, so she can stay as well. I'm a little bit terrified of Stephanie (the widowed mom who looks like she spent a lot of time under the knife). I have a hard time looking at her. I have to be careful not to make eye contact.

Karen said...

I am seriously addicted to this bachelor, I love it. I had not heard the rumor about who he picks so I am glad you posted it. I have been wondering what the talk on the town has been about who he picks. When is Deana coming back? We saw her in the previews but so far...nothing. I really like Stephanie too, she seems like such a great person, if it doesn't work out with Jason, I am sure her next prince will come.