Thursday, January 22, 2009

Word Vomit and my Boss

Sometimes I open my mouth without control of what is coming out. It's kinda like throwing up but less chunky. It's word vomit.

Case in point - I word vomitted my boss. His name is Rick. He is a great boss. And I definitely love the almost four years I have worked for him. However on a personal level - he is a bit like Michael Scott. Ya know...OCD sometimes. Thinks of his employees as family. Excessively clean. Politically incorrect most of the time. It's great. And it makes for a very fun workplace.

Let's set the stage for the barf. Obviously, I work in the Atlanta area in the main office. He has a huge house here. But he lives in one of his two houses in Grand Cayman. And in the winter he goes to his house in Keystone, Colorado. Ridiculous right? So with his choice of beach or mountains, Atlanta usually doesn't win out - which is fine because with telecommuting, we can reach him day or night.

Last week Rick was here and he said something about eating sushi alone. That's when the projectile started...'why don't you come eat with Jeremy and I on Thursday?' It came out before I had a chance to swallow it back down. It's not that I don't want to spend time with the guy - it is just that my house is ridiculously messy and dusty, I am not the best cook, and I don't want him to get the impression that I am a poor hostess. I would just really like for him to believe that I can excel at anything...that's not weird, right? The desire to impress your boss? Sure this might not seem like a big deal to you. But just to put this in perspective - I am one of four ladies that work for him. We all are very tight. And he hasn't ever been to anyone's house. This is new territory.

Last night - I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned. My boyfriend and I painted the piece of furniture that Rick gave us with another coat of primer (so that he can see we appreciate it and are eager to use it). And I did all the food prep I could so that tonight I can just go home and pop it in.

Also, I set the table. Here are some photos (I thought you would prefer to see our island inspired tablescape over the before and afters of the bathrooms - eww!)

I decided on the island theme because I thought it would make him feel at home. The flowery table runner was under $4 at Pier 1. I thought that it didn't look completely out of place in our more traditional dining room because of its neutral colors. What do you think?

The centerpiece was uber-easy and has a bit of sea-inspired decor with the woven textural balls. Four balls placed in a red bamboo bowl and wahLA! - instant centerpiece. Easy to do, easy to move come eating time. I flanked the bowls with two brown mercury glass votives to add a warm glow.

White dinner plates are a standard around these parts. Top them off with any decorative accent plate for a huge variety of different tablesettings. They are so versatile, everyone should have some. I layered plain red plates on my dinner plates for some drama. Add one napkin with a dark napkin ring and one red mini drink umbrella and I got me a tablescape that puts the WOW in luau. (I crack me up!)

Adding personalization is always a plus. My Southern Living Dress-me-up plate got a red ribbon to add some crimson flavor to the buffet and a message especially for Rick.

So what do you think? Does it look fit for a king...err...a boss? And I definitely wanna know if you have blown word chunks at your boss, or tossed some verbal cookies with a coworker, or hurled some random stranger! Spill it...err, spew it :)


The Fabulous Side of Me said...

Ah, sounds like something I would do andI love the phrase 'word vomit'. You crack me up. Have fun at dinner with your boss :-p

*claire* said...

reminds me of Mean Girls :)

your house is adorable - he will be impressed!

Ryan said...

I have those moments but I call it 'verbal diarrhea'. Ewwww.

I think that was very nice of you to offer! I'm sure he's going to be grateful and gracious, no matter what. He'll be stunned by your decor prowess.

Freckles Chick said...

Oops, that was me who posted the comment above. Wrong email account!

Katie @ said...

I agree with FC. That decor is sure to charm even if the place ends up smelling like burnt chicken or something.
Loads of luck!

Kim & Ryan said...

Is he coming?

You will be a wonderful hostess -

I think this is more word hiccup than word vomit. =)

USANDCO said...

Fortunately I've never vomited on a boss. I have, however vomited on a patient. Literally, real barf. Yep.

You know the dinner will be fab, cause you my friend, are FAB, not flab. Rick will totally love it.
What man doesn't like to see his name on a plate??

Hmmm, maybe butter him up and mention it would be prudent, Nay, IMPERATIVE that you take another business trip to southern Cali???? Soon. Before my baby is 2 ;-)

Jen M said...

It all looks fabulous and I'm sure you'll have a wonderful evening (you are serving alcohol, right? j/k)

Kim & Ryan said...

For some reason, the bottom part about your tablescape got cut off my reader. =/

Love the table settings and ADORE the plate with the welcome. It's fab-U-lous.

Let us know how it goes.

The Fabulous Side of Me said...

PS Didn't notice the rest of your blog and pics earlier . . . looks great! Love the splash of red!

Emily said...

I'm so glad I clicked over cause google reader cut off the stunning tablescape pictures. And Google thinks they run the world...I'm not trusting them til they get the pictures right.

The table looks amazing, you've got nothing to worry about!

I vomit on bosses all the time. B wants to have my old boss over for dinner (he and his wife are hip and young and fun), but I'm terrified (because they're hip and young and fun).

mrs.leah.maria said...

My word vomit has never landedme in a similar position thankfully, because I wouldn't be able to pulli t off as beautifully as you have!

The Fabulous Side of Me said...

P.S. You can write on the dress me up plate???

Tamstyles said...

No Bosses coming to my crib I dont think. Not because I dont like her..but my Honey (and I agree) think that if they arent friends of yours to keep them away because when they walk in and see all of what you have going on it can either be good or bad. But from what you said, you guys have a relationship if he is giving you furniture so have fun and...let us know how it turns out.

Bayjb said...

That totally reminds me about Mean Girls. Your table setting is lovely and you did mean well.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH, Katie! Seriously? Can I hate you now? Your house always looks pristine and to set a table like THAT with things you have ON HAND? I'm so jealous!!! :) I seriously LOOOOOVe what you did on the sideboard. Hanging my head over the fact that I will never be that good....

Katie said...

Boo Google Boo! I have reduced lovie feelings about Google now that ya'll told me about the on you google :)

And just a little decor fyi - use a dry erase marker to write on ANY white plate - just make sure that sucker is dishwasher safe!

Oh and Katie - if my house looks pristine - then it is totally due to my boyfriend. I struggle to clean...its like a total chore :)

XO - Katie

Amber said...

Looks Fabulous!!! Great job, I am soo inspired!

Melissa said...

Oh my word - you are too much fun, Katie! What a fun way to make your boss feel welcome. Love the theme, love the umbrellas, love the runner, love it all! Well done. :)

G+D said...

Your tablescape looked beautiful Katie! So happy to hear the dinner went well!