Monday, January 5, 2009

January Goals


1. Finish reading one of the two books I started already SUCCESS
2. Go to the gym five times a week (yup, we finally bit the bullet and joined) FAILED
3. Decorate the house for Christmas SUCCESS
4. Buy the rest of the Christmas presents SUCCESS
5. Paint the rest of the trim in the downstairs PARTIAL SUCCESS
6. Mud all random holes in the walls and finish the kitchen ceiling SUCCESS
7. Send out invites for Christmas party and then host the heck outta the throw down PARTIAL SUCCESS
8. Make four crafty items FAILED
9. Install tile backsplash and hood in kitchen SUCCESS
10. Plan the basement bathroom/mudroom POSTPONED
11. First coat of mudding in the basement POSTPONED
12. Water seal the rest of the basement walls and floors POSTPONED

Overall, December wasn't too shabby. It just was too dang busy.

I did finish the book I started WAY back in September. It was titled 'Your Money Counts' by Howard Drayton. If you wanna change the way you think about money & stuff, this is it people. Sure, it talks about the bible...blah blah blah, to all you non-Jesus-lovers...but it also talks about teaching your kids about spending, long term & short term saving, investing, and rescuing your marriage from a financial death sentence. In general, I would recommend it. But who am I? Oh, just someone who paid off 30K of debt this year :)

#2 was just pathetic. Why would I ever think that I could jump from ZERO to TWENTY in my monthly gym attendance? It's like expecting Britney Spears to announce she's pregnant...oh wait, that could happen. Still...I did go a total of four times. And that my friends is four more times than last month. Here's hoping January beats it.

I didn't get to the basement at all. Up side is that Jeremy has been working diligently at getting little tasks done down there. Bazillion points go to Jeremy.


1. Read Don't Waste Your Life by John Piper
2. Make two crafts
3. Work out at least five times total
4. Plan the basement bathroom/mudroom
5. First coat of mudding in the basement
6. Water seal the rest of the basement walls and floors
7. Paint ugly wooden beast
8. Clean linen closet
9. Write my grandparents letters
10. Clean bathrooms once a week
11. Cook Jeremy a special meal
12. Host a party for the ladies

The most difficult item will be #3. for sure. And note that our bathrooms are disgusting. Jeremy doesn't touch bathrooms. My silver lining is that he dusts, vacuums, does his own laundry, makes the bed, and does all the dishes...unbelievable, right?! I know. Sometimes I tease him that he might be gay...if it weren't for his incessant need to play video games, I would seriously question it. just kidding honey :)


Katie @ said...

Sounds like a busy time! What do you mean by sealing the walls in the basement?

Kim & Ryan said...

Looks like you had a majorly successful month! Great job!

4 times to the gym sounds great to me. What is it they say, those who live in a glass house and don't ever work out, shouldn't throw stones??? =) Something like that.

Tamstyles said...

Enjoyed reading your list.You did good in December for sure!

Emily said...

Lol at work out 5 times total. You can do it!

queenbee said...

Sounds like you have been busy and will be in January also. This is probably a silly question, but how do you mark through your goals once you complete them, I have been trying to fiqure it out forever....

G+D said...

Sweetie--if you're feeling any twinge of failure whatsoever for not meeting all your December goals, do me a favor. Walk in your kitchen and open your eyes. THAT gorgeous accomplishment is enough to cover a year's worth of FAILs!!

Bayjb said...

I think you did a great job on your Dec. goals. Sure there were some fails, but you did great and tried. ANd the good outweighs the bad.

queenbee said...

Thanks for your help and good luck with your January goals.

Katie said...

Hey Ya'll,

Yes, the good this month definitely outweighed the bad - whew! You guys are definitely the encouragement that I need - otherwise, maybe one thing would get the axe...maybe :)

Here's to January!!!

XO - Katie