Sunday, January 4, 2009

Old Yellar

It looks like everyone's favorite color for the spring is old yellar...that's yellow for all you proper speechin folks. And why wouldn't it be so near and dear to us?! It reminds us that daffodils and daisys are right around the corner. Once we get rid of this pesky winter, it will be cheery and sunny, with rainbows beaming and butterflies singing! I swear that last spring I actually heard a bird flirt-whistle at me in the yard. I hope that bird still lives here :)
So in honor of this upbeat and fun color, I have decided to put together some boards and links to letcha see what all is out there...
Printed Damask Linen Pillow - WSHome

So do you have yellow fever yet? Good! Take your yellow-bellies over to see more by clicking here:

Personally, I was super excited to see the golden era arrive. Especially since I just bought the sunniest placemats this Christmas! I know they can add a fresh warmth to my next table setting. Wouldn't they just look darling with fresh lemon accents and clean white dishware?! I love mixing yellow with green for a blast of lemon and lime. Now that is a 'spritely' combination!
And remember how I found that lovely fruit book chock full of artistic renderings? I framed a green pair (that has a little bitta sunny-colored inspiration) - Now wouldn't a bunch of little frames full of lemon art look just tarty on a kitchen shelf? How would you incorporate this spring time hue into your own home? Would you even like to add a little sunshine or do you just prefer the real thing? Either way it makes any room a little brighter, a little warmer, a little fresher, and a little bit non-winter-here-comes-spring-time-ier.

And that my friends makes the color yellow like a big stick of buttah. Don't know what a stick of buttah has to do with anything? Watch this for a little SNL education...and a few laughs! It's long but I promise that you will walk around calling the favs in your life "a big stick of buttah" with a New York Jewish accent. And now I am off to surf the net for my next yellow love...just thinking about it makes me all verklempt :)


kari said...

I am so into yellow right now. I just bought a yellow apron from Williams Sonoma, I couldn't resist the color!

Katie @ said...

Our apartment is in Germany. It's rainy and cloudy a lot... that's why we painted our walls yellow this summer. Love it!
Just wish we had access to, well, ANY of the cool things you're listing. Love 'em!

*claire* said...

yay! i love yellow! it's such a fresh color when the sky seems to be consistently gray these days!

Jen M said...

As a child yellow was "my colour". You know how it goes - there are four of us kids, so when we got a new anything (rain jacket, beach ball, whatever item we all got) we each got it in a different colour. Mine was always yellow. My bedroom was even decorated in yellow.

Consequently I'm all yellowed out, and have never liked it since. BUT you make it look so pretty!! I could possibly be swayed.

Karen said...

Yellow is such a beautiful color and so springy! All of your pics are giving my spring fever already!

Freckles Chick said...

I've never had a yellow room. Perhaps the time is ripe for one--if only our house had more rooms! It'd be like buttah.

ROXY said...

I LOVE the yellow!!! I makes me hopeful that spring is still coming:) Thanks for visiting today;)