Friday, January 9, 2009

Two Goals One Night

Making resolutions is pretty easy - keeping them, not so much. So I am pretty stoked about the fact that I am crossing not one but two (2!!!) monthly goals off the list.

Cook Jeremy a special meal
Make a treat for firemen

The special meal menu was EASY CHILI & CHEESE FRIES...if you want the recipe, email me and I can send your way!

Our very nutritious appetizer...Dean's dip and chips. Nothing says let's get ready to watch some football like Dean's dip and chips. Have you tried this? It is like so good. It's bad...but oh-so-good.

The best part about this chili is that it isn't just meat and cheese. I have the hardest time getting Jeremy to eat tomatoes. It is like getting an ADD kid to sit still. But with this hearty combination, not only does he get a man's meal full of lycopene but he really enjoys eating it. He even will go so far to ask for it. And being the sweetheart that he is, he rarely asks me to DO or MAKE anything! It must mean that he loves it :)

This goal isn't easy. It requires me to plan ahead. I don't want to make his special meal each month consist of a steak and potatoes...not that he'd mind. But I want each menu to be appropriate for the month and consist of one of his favorites. Seeing as how it is January, comfort food is in order. So cheese fries...while the chili is simmering, I threw some bacon on.

Then the fries. yowza that's hot... and yes, I added some canola oil right to the bacon drippings. This is not going to help my #1 resolution.

Check on the chili. Yup, looking good! Chunky, meaty, tasty!

Layered the fries with cheese and the yummy chopped bacon, served it all up on a tray, and WAHLA! A special meal fit for watching this:

Needless to say, he couldn't finish. But I got a big thumbs up! I mean, just look at all the chunky heartiness!

And then came dessert. Dessert for our dear firemen. Firemen who so honorably sacrifice time with their families so that they can risk their lives to keep us from danger. Nothing I could ever make would be enough. So what I try to do is induce a momentary coma-like-state via chocolate to say thanks. The recipe is SUPER easy...and has only three ingredients (which I love!) and requires absolutely no baking. Can this be true? Oh yes, yes it can!

OREO Truffles

These little balls of hypnosis can help anyone forget that they are running into a burning building or firey accident scene or getting clawed by Granny's kitty stuck in that tree. They are absolutely 100% divine. I made the full-fat version and the reduced fat version...just in case a certain firewarrior has their own New Year's resolutions!

And because I know you ALL want to make these, here is the recipe:

MIX together:
3 cups finely chopped Oreo cookies (can substitute reduced fat Oreos)
1 package cream cheese (can sub fat-free cream cheese)

Roll into 1-inch balls - stick in toothpicks for easy dipping - then pop into freezer to harden up.

16 oz semi sweet chocolate or 8 oz vanilla/8 oz chocolate
Coat all balls with chocolate - decorate till your heart's content :) Pop back in freezer. Serve cold in uber-cute box.

I figure that everyone has a fantastic easy-peesy-lemon-squeezy recipe out there...and I need five more recipes for five more months of Firemen treats. And I want your best...I want something that will cause seizures, fainting, dizziness, loss of hearing, and intense bravery. My hope is that if I ever have a house fire (probably caused by bacon), the firemen will recognize me as the girl who makes those ridiculously delicious desserts and hurry :) Sound that alarm!


Tammi said...

Hey there, you are making me hungry! Check out my "Puttin on the Ritz" recipe...pretty simple and so YUM!

LJK said...

Um... YUM. I've been wanting to make those Oreo truffles for awhile. They look delish.

*claire* said...

your "domestic-ness" makes me jealous! :) i would probably have burned the kitchen down (i don't do the cooking!).

i was going to suggest my mom's recipe - but it's the same as tammi's ritz one. those things are so delicious! i would defintely second her suggestion!

The Fabulous Side of Me said...

Wow, everything sounds so good. I am going to try the oreo truffles. How did you drizzle the chocolate on? I need all the help I can get when it comes to baking, even no-bake baking :-)

Katie said...

Drizzled chocolate is my favorite :) Here's how I do it...melt your 16 oz in a microwave safe bowl, pour/scoop some into a ziplock baggie, push all the chocolate to one corner and seal the baggie (try to get as much air out as possible), then snip the corner of the baggie with your scissors (you don't have to snip but a tiny bit), then squeeze the chocolate out while moving your tip in whatever design you choose :) There might be an easier or more technical way to do it - but this is the most easy and convenient for me cause I always have ziplocks :)

Good Luck FSOM- let me know what you think of the truffles when you make them!

XO - Katie

Jen M said...

STOP IT!! I'm trying to be on Weight Watchers, you know. You're not helping.

I'll be watching the comments for Anonymous to get his/her panties in a bunch about your ADD kid reference ;o)

Will email you my favourite treat recipes.

Tamstyles said...

Awwwwww man...That food looked so good. I must be hungry. I need to be sleep.

Michael said...

OH MY GAWD, you had me the second you said Oreos. I don't buy them anymore because I seriously eat them by the SLEEVE. That's right, I don't eat one or two. Or three or four. I eat the entire row of the package. It's literally disgusting. So while I absolutely LOVE your recipe for Oreo balls (LOL, that made me laugh, go figure) I'm not trying it anytime soon because I've got 26 more pounds to go! (Then, LOOK OUT!)

The Fabulous Side of Me said...

Thank you so much for the help! I am going to get the stuff at the store tomorrow and make them!!

Katie said...

You and me both and me both :)

And thanks for the recipes everyone! I am definitley going to let you know how it goes when I do my feeble attempt at cooking them!

XO - Katie