Friday, January 2, 2009

Resolution Revolution

Gotta love the new year. Isn't it adorable?! So full of potential. Full of hope. Full of excitement. Just like Anne of Green Gables said "Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?" That is how I feel about 2009. So far, so good. Like a clean diaper.

I'm the kinda girl that loves starting with a clean slate. I'm also the kinda girl that can't wait to dirty it up again. Let's be serious though. Like everyone else, I wanna develop and grow. Let's be specific - Grow deeper...not wider :) So on January first, I jotted down my goals for oh-nine. Now posted on the fridge front, they are a constant reminder that this year will be one for the record books.

And while I still want to do my monthly goals each month, this yearly list will be great for some of my long-term objectives. Sure, some of the resolutions are once-a-monthers, some one-timers, and some every-dayers. But in the end what is important is to set purpose in my life. Mostly so I can scream 'SCORE!' when I succeed. And then also so that I can take a red fatty marker to check off my accomplishment.

I like goals that are measurable. Otherwise, how can you know if you kicked bootie?!? And that is why I had a hard time with one specific resolution. Which one? Yea - it didn't make the list. It is one resolution that I can't count, or put on a scale, or check off a list. I can't ask someone if I nailed it. Or if I failed worse than Paris Hilton post-prison. Let me explain.

I want to be more appreciative of the things I have. I own so much. Too much. That attitude combined with a poor memory spurred me to create Project Appreciation. I decided to take photos of each item that I buy this year (all non-necessities) and log them on Photobucket. If I feel like spending money or shopping or if I turn into a green greed goblin, I can click the link in my sidebar and get a quick reminder of all that I already own. What a great kick in my unappreciative pants, right?! And hopefully Project Appreciation will help me save a greenback or two. And isn't 'being more green' on everyone's list this year?!?

So what are your resolutions? Did you stick to one or were you like me with a list out the wazoo? Did you go measurable? or are general goals more your style? I hope one resolution that made the cut was "leave more comments on Bower Power". Just kidding. Unless ya wanna :)


Tamstyles said...

Very good list. I hope you get it all done. And I am sure you will. I wish you the best.

Jen M said...

Great list, and I love the little project list you have in your sidebar too. I'm still reflecting on my goals this year but have decided to make 3 monthly goals and see how I go each month.

Emily said...

Love your list - figures that you would make a cute list. Love your project appreciation idea, too - keep us posted on how it goes!

Katie @ said...

Okay, I'll follow the resolution and leave more comments when I read your posts!
My plan isn't for year-long goals (I kinda forget what they were by the end of the year), so I started setting month-long goals and 5 month-long goals. Don't know where the number five came, but it's working so far.
Have a great near year!

Michael said...

Awesome list...I stuck to mine last year until September...then I flaked out on the healthy eating and exercise which means I'm starting off 2009 with the 12 pounds I had lost last year. Healthy eating/living and exercising are tops on my list of resolutions!

Heidi said...

Great list! I wouldn't have the willpower to look over my list every day and that's why it isn't posted on the fridge.

Kim & Ryan said...

Fab goals, although I have to say that I do not think you have 20 pounds to lose. You look great.

As for the project appreciation, I love that. thanks for sharing. I just finished reading "Getting a life" - and it talks a lot about the things that you have and how much happiness they bring you... it was a kick in my pants to think through purchases before just sticking them in my cart.

Freckles Chick said...

I love lists! And yours is an inspiration. Also, Project Appreciation is such a fab idea--I live out my spending fantasies vicariously thru you, you know =)

The only NY's resolution I ever followed thru on was "stop drinking soda" a few years ago. Although I think this had to do with seeing a video of someone dissolving a penny with some Coca-Cola. Eh, whatever works.

Laurel MacD said...

I love Anne of Green Gables with all her drama! Love your list- especially Project Appreciation, maybe I'll join in.